Pidato Bahasa Inggris Lingkungan

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Assalamualaikum Wr. Wb..

Dear Miss principals and staff of teachers and administrators. Dear friends SMAN 2 students of class X Cape to class XII.

Before I begin to give a speech, I would like to invite you all to give thanks to the presence of almighty God, who has given grace, so that we can gather in this blessed place. And I also do not forget to say your sholawat and greetings to our Prophet Muhammad, who has brought us from the dark ages into the light ages as we enjoy today.

Ladies and Gentlemen

On this day, in this golden opportunity, I would like to deliver a speech about "our environment". Speech that I will convey my heart is complained against the environment is increasingly polluted. Hopefully at the moment the environment falls on this day, I would like to invite all my friends to maintain an environment that had been keeping us.

Docked or not, we live in this world depends on the environment, we drink water that comes from our environment, the air we breathe comes from our environment, we eat food that comes from living food sources and grown from our environment. Our environment has a great influence on our lives as if the environment means our lives. Therefore it is good or bad environment will directly affect the merits of our lives in particular.

Several years back, of course, we never experienced it myself when life is green because there are still a lot of trees in our environment. But the view was now, the trees have been reduced and almost gone. Replaced by the lush greenery of our lives Carbon Monoxide puff that can not be converted into oxygen because of the trees gone.

Several years back, of course, we never experienced it myself when we could breathe deeper without any odor pollution that hurt our lungs. But now breathe, clean air-cool, distant it has been contaminated by smoke and pollution. The coolness of the air used to be familiar with one's nose, now replaced by the stench of pollution sources of modernization that is not environmentally friendly.

Several years back, of course, we never experienced it myself when every step we take, it looks clean without damaging the eye sight of garbage. But the move was now used to clean soil lush now buried rotting garbage that has been such a friend in every way. First reliable fertility are now living legend that is not obsolete neglected.

Ladies and Gentlemen

I believe the experiences experienced by everyone here. Realize, that we all damage was the cause. If we continue to ignore it, the disaster that we never imagined would definitely come to remind. So what should we do to improve our environment? I stand here not only for reported critical sad condition of our environment, I personally also like to invite to do some actual action in a small and easy to do. Starting with sorting trash and throw it in the place it should be, reducing the use of motor vehicles and electricity saving and planting trees as an investment in our children and grandchildren live next. These things lead us from now. Little things are a big investment for future generations.

Love our environment as we love life and our future. Actually that's what I wanted to express. The speech that I delivered was nothing compared to our next move. Thank you very much for your attention, apologize if there is one word.

Wassalamualaikum Wr. Wb.

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