Kumpulan Puisi Cinta Bahasa Inggris

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Bahasa inggris adalah bahasa internasional yang dikenal oleh seluruh bangsa di dunia. Hal itulah yang membuat bahasa inggris digemari dan banyak digunakan sebagai bahasa dengan tingkat yang lebih tinggi dibandingkan dengan bahasa ibu. Bahasa Inggris juga sering digunakan dalam penulisan puisi, terutama puisi cinta. Puisi Cinta Bahasa Inggris meskipun menggunakan bahasa paling sederhana akan tetap terdengan lebih keren dibandingkan dengan puisi berbahasa Indonesia. Bursa penjualan antologi atau kumpulan karya sastra berbahasa Inggris sepertinya lebih diminati, sehingga semakn banyak penulis yang beralih menjadi penulis-penulis puisi berbahas inggris.

Berikut ini adalah Puisi Cinta Bahasa Inggris yang ditulis oleh penulis-penulis muda Indonesia yang menggunakan bahasa inggris bukan hanya untuk terlihat keren tetapi juga sebagai upaya untuk memperkenalkan hasil karya anak indonesia dalam kancah internasional, berikut ulasannya :

My Heart Beat

By Wesley Bullock

The sound of my heart beat is racing

I always thinking of you pacing into my arms let me hold you tight only thing

I want from you is to smile cause your smile is bright as the sunlight i might have been fallen into your love i can see at top nobody else above it

I will search high or low just see you and hear you talk never have no fear i’m never gonna break your heart I know we can’t be rushing it feels like my heart is gushing out my chest

I just wanna say pick me and i can do better for than the rest i can show you whos the best my heart is racing more im still waiting you pace into my arms if you wanna hear them three words

I love you if thats the case

By Mych Ryan

Here I am, standing in the brink of the day
Staring at the sun that has gone away
And a smile upon your face,
Make me never wanna leave this place

There you are, hardly I can see cause you just so far
I see your eyes blinking, are you a star?
But I remember you said you’re a moon
So I should have seen you soon

And here we are now,
You come to me somehow
You are getting closer and closer,
But why I feel like a stranger?

By Ronald Soemitro

Wherever I am,,
In whatever way,,,
your memories are always with me,,,
Should I tell anyone or should I not,,
It's the matter of the heart after all,,
It's said that a world moves along with us,,
Even as solitude grows silently in the heart,,
All I have are memories,,

Somewhere in my heart,,
an arrow pierces trough memories,,
Somewhere every pictures dims a little,,
Some find happiness in the shades of a new world,,
Memories of you...

Hold my hand,,
let's remember what we share
Understand that I know you really care
Baby that you ever think of me as your best friend,,??
Remember all those times, we were best friend??
I remember,
It’s been 365 nights since the last goodbye
It’s too long for me, that’s the reason why

Now please come down, get lower
I’m on the top of the tower and can’t go higher
I have something to say to you
I need to tell you, that… I wanna stop loving you

By Evylia

I wish so much that I could hold you
A simple desire,yet so hard to do
This is a love so hopeless,but yet
As hard as I try, I can not forget

I want to move on, I try everyday
To get a trip on these feelings and throw them away
But everyday I pathetically remain
Adoring you amazingly with nothing to gain

I want to let go of what I'm holding so tight
And let these feelings trail off into the night
But as sees as my hold loosens, I grab and do not miss
Because I don't know how to feel anything

I have become dependent on these feelings,that I feel everyday
Without them I'm lost and my hopes are astray
So now I don't know how to live on my own
Without thoughts of you I will be so alone

I want to get over you
But you have to changed me too much
All I want is to hold you and grasp on and clutch
Because you are the one
I don't want to let go
You are everything I need
You are all that I know

I tried to move on
That's something I can't do
But no matter what I think
I only wait you
I just need some time
When I can, I will move on
I will face life without you when I'm strong

But for now
That's way to thought I didn't know that falling out love could be rough

By Aslam Yusuf

I runway from my life
Hope that i can find the paradise
But i think it so hard
I am going to the hell

Maybe i take a wrong way
But no way back to star again
My distination still so far
And too fast if i think to going home

I just wanna do
Work for life not life for work
just wanna find the new place
Where can i life
All i wanna want
Where I can get the better life
For anything that i do
I wanna make it true

Sometime i feel so alone
And no one here to tell
I am finally now believe the feel
Couse it so hard
Couse it's so far

This is my time to change my word from the pain

By Stephanie Hanarany T.

When rain began to fall
Darkness enveloped everyone
You came to bring me a rainbow,
when the rain of wounds

were dance on the smarting...
You present the most beautiful smile,
when i'm lost in the darkness...
Whit i wouldn't be forget,

when you bring me into life...
Whit i wouldn't be forget,
when your smile,
be the only breathe for me...

By Algiana safitri

The days that pass me
Lonely only accompanying
Spirit was as if he had died
Would all back
Liver is smiling again
Without the burden on the heart

My own ... ...
my own ... ...
my own, in the illusion

I cried ... ...
I cried ... ...
I crying on the inside
I hate, like this
I hate, when so
I hate .. I hate this fate

I just want happy
I just want to laugh
I just .. I just want to be happy ....
If you're here, to always accompany
I miss you so much

By Mych Ryan

Nothing to say, the rain drifted my words away
No place to stay, the love was taken away
The moon has fallen, the heart has broken
I’m here, fighting against my own demon

The fight of good and bad,
Happy and sad
Love and hate,
But I think it’s too late….

Looks like the demons win,
They’re laughing loud on my sins

Now I’m waiting for forgiveness
From you, not from others
Thousands rivers won’t be enough to wash me
From my sins, and from all the demons in me

By Stephanie Hanarany T.

Something is missing in my loneliness now
My morning now is not cheerfully as yesterday,
When your voice still I hear
The night wind knows ... is cold without you ...
Stars are reluctant to come out ...

Empty ...! sky like dead
When the sun come back ... Warm soul I guess ...
Help ... Melt the frozen heart ...
Best friend .. Lonely now is belong to me... Yours, ours
But it not forever

Don’t stop friends ... The road is still long ...
A handful of despair ... You have to reach ... Now or later ...
You certainly can ... Pursue all goals ...
Dreams that you dreamed

Demikianlah puisi cinta bahasa inggris semoga bermanfaat.