Carvana Leadership Team: Driving Innovation and Disruption in the Automotive Industry

Carvana is a leading e-commerce platform for buying and selling used cars. The company was founded in 2012 and has quickly become a disruptor in the automotive industry. Carvana's unique business model allows customers to purchase a used car entirely online and have it delivered to their doorstep. The company has grown rapidly and went public in 2017. Today, Carvana is valued at over $50 billion and operates in over 300 markets across the United States.
Carvana Leadership Team

The Vision of Carvana's Leadership Team

Carvana's leadership team is composed of industry experts and innovators who are driving the company's success. The team is led by CEO Ernie Garcia, who founded the company with his son, Ernie Garcia III. The younger Garcia serves as Carvana's president and chief operating officer. Together, they have built a team that is committed to revolutionizing the car buying experience.

Ernie Garcia, CEO

Ernie Garcia has over 20 years of experience in the automotive industry. He previously founded and served as CEO of DriveTime, a used car dealership chain. Under his leadership, DriveTime grew to become one of the largest used car retailers in the United States. Garcia's experience in the industry has been invaluable in developing Carvana's disruptive business model.

Ernie Garcia III, President and COO

Ernie Garcia III joined Carvana in 2013 and has played a key role in the company's growth. He oversees Carvana's day-to-day operations and is responsible for executing the company's strategic vision. Garcia III's experience in technology and finance has been instrumental in the development of Carvana's innovative platform.

Ryan Keeton, CMO

Ryan Keeton joined Carvana in 2014 and has led the company's marketing efforts. He is responsible for building Carvana's brand and creating a seamless customer experience. Keeton's background in technology and marketing has helped Carvana differentiate itself from traditional car dealerships.

Mike Levin, CFO

Mike Levin joined Carvana in 2015 and has been instrumental in the company's financial success. He oversees Carvana's financial operations and has helped the company achieve profitability. Levin's experience in finance and mergers and acquisitions has been crucial in managing Carvana's rapid growth.

The Business Model of Carvana

Carvana's business model is centered around its innovative e-commerce platform. Customers can browse Carvana's inventory of used cars online and purchase a car entirely online. Carvana offers a seven-day test drive, during which customers can return the car if they are not satisfied. Carvana also provides a 100-day limited warranty and a free CarFax vehicle history report with every purchase.

The Advantages of Carvana's Business Model

  • Convenience: Customers can purchase a car entirely online, without ever having to visit a dealership.
  • Transparency: Carvana provides detailed information about each car, including a 360-degree virtual tour and a CarFax report.
  • Low Prices: Carvana's prices are often lower than traditional dealerships, thanks to the company's low overhead costs.
  • Seamless Experience: Carvana delivers the car directly to the customer's doorstep and provides a seven-day test drive.

The Disadvantages of Carvana's Business Model

  • Limited Inventory: Carvana only sells used cars and may not have the same selection as traditional dealerships.
  • No Negotiation: Carvana's prices are fixed, so customers cannot negotiate the price of the car.
  • Delivery Time: Customers may have to wait several days or weeks for their car to be delivered, depending on their location.


How does Carvana's delivery process work?

Carvana delivers the car directly to the customer's doorstep. The company uses a fleet of branded trucks to transport the cars. Customers can schedule a delivery time that is convenient for them.

Does Carvana offer financing?

Yes, Carvana offers financing options for customers who need them. Customers can apply for financing online and receive a decision within minutes.

What is Carvana's return policy?

Carvana offers a seven-day test drive during which customers can return the car if they are not satisfied. The company also provides a 100-day limited warranty.

Where is Carvana available?

Carvana currently operates in over 300 markets across the United States.


Carvana's leadership team has built a company that is disrupting the automotive industry. The company's innovative e-commerce platform and customer-centric approach have made it a favorite among car buyers. With a team of industry experts and innovators at the helm, Carvana is poised to continue its rapid growth and revolutionize the car buying experience.