How to Build a Bennett Trim Tab

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Are you looking for a way to improve your boat's performance and handling? Installing a Bennett trim tab can help you achieve just that. Trim tabs are small, adjustable surfaces that attach to the boat's transom and help to control the boat's pitch and roll. In this article, we will guide you through the steps to build your own Bennett trim tab and install it on your boat.
Bennett Trim Tab

Materials Needed

Before we get started, here is a list of materials you will need to build your Bennett trim tab:

  • Aluminum plate
  • Stainless steel screws
  • Electric drill
  • Drill bits
  • Jigsaw
  • File
  • Measuring tape
  • Pencil
  • Masking tape
  • Sanding block
  • Paint or powder coat

Step 1: Measure and Mark

Measure the transom of your boat to determine the size of the trim tab you will need. Then, mark the dimensions on the aluminum plate using a pencil and masking tape to ensure accuracy.

Step 2: Cut the Aluminum Plate

Using a jigsaw, cut the aluminum plate along the marked lines. Be sure to wear protective eyewear and gloves while cutting.

Step 3: File the Edges

After cutting the aluminum plate, use a file to smooth out the edges and remove any sharp points.

Step 4: Drill Holes

Drill holes on each end of the trim tab for the stainless steel screws to attach it to the boat's transom. Use the measuring tape to ensure that the holes are evenly spaced.

Step 5: Sand and Paint

Sand the surface of the trim tab with a sanding block to create a smooth surface for painting or powder coating. Apply your desired paint or powder coat to the trim tab and allow it to dry completely.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using a Bennett Trim Tab

There are several advantages to using a Bennett trim tab on your boat:

  • Improved handling and stability
  • Reduced bow rise
  • Increased fuel efficiency

However, there are also some disadvantages to consider:

  • Cost of installation and maintenance
  • Added weight to the boat
  • Additional drag on the boat


Q: How do I determine the size of the trim tab I need?

A: Measure the transom of your boat and choose a trim tab that is slightly smaller in size.

Q: Can I install a Bennett trim tab on my own?

A: While it is possible to install a Bennett trim tab on your own, it is recommended to seek the assistance of a professional to ensure proper installation.

Q: Will a Bennett trim tab work on any boat?

A: Yes, a Bennett trim tab can be installed on any boat with a transom.

Q: How often do I need to maintain my Bennett trim tab?

A: It is recommended to inspect and maintain your Bennett trim tab at least once a year to ensure proper functioning.

By following these steps, you can build your own Bennett trim tab and enjoy improved performance and handling on your boat. Remember to always practice safe boating and follow all manufacturer instructions when installing and using your trim tab.