How to Build Garden Boxes

Are you tired of your plants not growing properly in your garden? Do you want to have a designated area for your herbs, vegetables, or flowers? Building garden boxes is the perfect solution for you! Not only does it provide a separate space for your plants, but it also adds a beautiful touch to your backyard.
Garden Boxes

Materials Needed

Before starting your project, make sure you have all the materials needed:

  • Wooden boards (cedar, redwood, or pine)
  • Screws
  • Drill
  • Saw
  • Measuring tape
  • Sandpaper
  • Landscape fabric
  • Soil
  • Plants

Step-by-Step Guide

Follow these simple steps to build your own garden boxes:

Step 1: Measure and Cut the Wood

Measure and cut the wooden boards to your desired size. The typical size for a garden box is 4 feet long, 2 feet wide, and 2 feet high. Make sure to sand the boards to avoid any splinters.

Step 2: Assemble the Box

Using the drill and screws, assemble the wooden boards into a box shape. Make sure to pre-drill holes to avoid splitting the wood. Repeat the process for each box you want to build.

Step 3: Add the Landscape Fabric

Line the bottom of the box with landscape fabric to prevent any weeds from growing through the soil.

Step 4: Add Soil and Plants

Fill the box with soil and add your desired plants. Make sure to water them regularly and give them plenty of sunlight.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Garden Boxes


  • Separate space for plants
  • Better soil quality
  • Easier to maintain and harvest
  • Can be moved around if needed


  • Costs more than traditional gardening
  • Can dry out quickly if not watered properly
  • May not be suitable for larger plants or trees


Building garden boxes is a great way to have a beautiful and organized garden. It provides a separate space for your plants and allows for easier maintenance and harvest. Make sure to gather all the necessary materials and follow the step-by-step guide to ensure success. Happy gardening!


Can I use any type of wood to build the garden boxes?

It is recommended to use cedar, redwood, or pine as they are durable and resistant to rot and insects.

Do I need to add fertilizer to the soil?

It is recommended to add fertilizer to the soil to ensure your plants receive the necessary nutrients for healthy growth.

How often should I water my plants?

It depends on the type of plants you have. Generally, plants should be watered once a week or more frequently if the soil feels dry.

Can I build garden boxes on a slope?

It is possible, but it may require additional support and leveling to ensure the boxes are stable and the soil does not erode.