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The ZIP codes for Camp Lejeune are 28542 and 28547. This city is situated in the Onslow County in the North Carolina State, North America (USA). Find the code along with the City and code to learn more about the list of postal codes or ZIP codes in Camp Lejeune.

Camp Lejeune, located in Jacksonville, North Carolina, is a major United States Marine Corps base and training facility. While Camp Lejeune itself does not have its own designated zip code, the surrounding area and communities within the base have their own zip codes that serve the military personnel, their families, and the civilian employees who work on the base.

The main zip code associated with Camp Lejeune is 28542, which covers a significant portion of the base and the surrounding areas. This zip code encompasses the main gate and provides access to the base's facilities, including housing areas, training grounds, administrative buildings, and support services.

Adjacent to Camp Lejeune, the zip code 28547 covers the area surrounding the northern part of the base, including the New River Air Station. This zip code serves military families and personnel stationed at the air station and offers a range of amenities and housing options.

Additionally, the zip code 28543 covers the area around Sneads Ferry, a small community located near the base's back gate. This zip code serves as the primary postal code for residents and businesses in the Sneads Ferry area.

These zip codes play a crucial role in facilitating mail delivery, access to services, and administrative functions for the military community and the surrounding areas near Camp Lejeune. They are important identifiers that help ensure efficient communication and support for the personnel and families associated with the base.

Camp Lejeune ZIP Code

Name : Camp Lejeune

ZIP Code : 28542, 28547

Area Code : 910

County : Onslow County

State : North Carolina (NC)

Country : United States (US)

Region : North America

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