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 Middlesex County, in the American state of New Jersey, is home to the township of Edison. A business hub (home to Menlo Park Mall and Little India) and New York City's bedroom community, Edison is found in central New Jersey, in the heart of the Raritan Valley section of the state. Those for Edison range from 08817 to 08899. This city may be found in the Middlesex County, New Jersey State, North America (USA). Find the code along with the City and code to learn more about the list of postal codes or ZIP codes in Edison.

Edison, often referred to as Edison Township, is a diverse and vibrant community located in Middlesex County, New Jersey. It is one of the largest townships in the state and is known for its suburban atmosphere, excellent schools, and convenient access to major highways and transportation options. Edison offers a mix of residential neighborhoods, commercial centers, and recreational facilities, making it an attractive place to live and work. The township is divided into several zip codes, each representing different sections and neighborhoods within Edison.

The main zip code for Edison is 08817, which covers a significant portion of the township. This zip code includes a wide range of residential areas, from single-family homes and townhouses to apartment complexes. It also encompasses commercial districts and shopping centers, providing residents with a variety of retail, dining, and entertainment options.

In addition to the main zip code, Edison has other zip codes that represent specific areas within the township. For example, the zip code 08820 covers the southeast corner of Edison and is known for its upscale residential neighborhoods and proximity to the popular Menlo Park Mall. The zip code 08837 represents the Clara Barton neighborhood, which offers a mix of residential properties and easy access to major highways like the New Jersey Turnpike.

Edison is also home to several other distinct neighborhoods and communities, each with its own unique character. These areas may have their own specific zip codes or may be encompassed within the larger zip codes mentioned above. Some of these neighborhoods include North Edison, Oak Tree Road (known for its vibrant Indian-American community and businesses), and Stelton.

The zip codes in Edison facilitate efficient mail delivery, aid in census data collection, and serve administrative purposes. They help define the boundaries of different neighborhoods and areas within the township, reflecting Edison's diversity and distinct characteristics.

Edison City ZIP Code

Name : Edison

ZIP Code : 08817 - 08899

Area Code : 732, 848, 908

County : Middlesex County

State : New Jersey (NJ)

Country : United States (US)

Region : North America

ZIP Code for Edison, New Jersey


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