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Canada's southern Alberta is home to the town of Fort Macleod. To set it apart from the North-West Mounted Police barracks (Fort Macleod, established 1874) it had developed around, it was given the original name Macleod. Colonel James Macleod, the former North-West Mounted Police Commissioner, is honored by the fort's name. Established in 1892 as the Municipality of the Town of Macleod, the name was formally changed to Fort Macleod in 1952. T0K and T0L are the ZIP codes for Fort McLeod County. This county can be found in the Canadian province of Alberta, in North America. Find the code and the location to learn more about the list of postal or ZIP codes in Fort McLeod County.

Fort Macleod is a historic town located in the province of Alberta, Canada. As a part of the Canadian postal system, Fort Macleod has specific postal codes assigned to different areas within the town to ensure efficient mail delivery.

The primary postal code associated with Fort Macleod is T0L 0Z0. This code covers a broad area within the town and is used for mailing addresses of residents, businesses, and organizations in various neighborhoods. It allows for the accurate sorting and delivery of mail to Fort Macleod residents.

Fort Macleod consists of several neighborhoods and subdivisions, each with its own unique postal codes. For instance, the community of Riverwood Estates has the postal code T0L 0Z0, while the area of Charles MacLeod Park has the postal code T0L 0Z0 as well. These postal codes help ensure precise mail delivery within specific regions of Fort Macleod.

It's important to note that these examples represent some of the postal codes associated with specific areas within Fort Macleod. As the town continues to grow and develop, new postal codes may be introduced to accommodate additional neighborhoods and developments.

For precise information about the postal codes for a particular address or location within Fort Macleod, it is recommended to consult the Canada Post website, local authorities, municipal offices, or the nearest post office. They will have the most up-to-date and accurate information regarding postal codes and addresses within Fort Macleod.

Fort Macleod ZIP Code

Name : Fort McLeod

Postal Code : T0K, T0L

Province : Alberta (AB)

Country : Canada

Continent : North America





Fort McLeod


T0K 1Y0

Fort McLeod


T0K 0A1, T0K 0H0

Fort McLeod


T0K 0C6, T0K 0K0

Fort McLeod


T0L 0C2, T0L 0T0

Fort McLeod


T0K 0E2, T0K 0P0

Fort McLeod

Del Bonita

T0K 0C5, T0K 0S0

Fort McLeod

Fort McLeod

T0L 0Z0, T0L 0C4

Fort McLeod


T0K 0B4, T0K 2R0

Fort McLeod


T0L 0A2, T0L 1A0

Fort McLeod

Hill Spring

T0K 0B5, T0K 1E0

Fort McLeod


T0K 1H0, T0K 0B8

Fort McLeod


T0K 0C4, T0K 1J0

Fort McLeod

Mountain View

T0K 0A5, T0K 1N0

Fort McLeod


T0L 0A8, T0L 1R0

Fort McLeod


T0L 1V0

Fort McLeod

Pincher Creek

T0K 1W0, T0K 0A6

Fort McLeod

Spring Coulee

T0K 0A3, T0K 2C0

Fort McLeod

Stand Off

T0L 0B8, T0L 1Y0

Fort McLeod


T0L 0A1, T0L 1Z0

Fort McLeod

Twin Butte

T0K 0C9, T0K 2J0

Fort McLeod

Waterton Park

T0K 2M0, T0K 0C3

Fort McLeod


T0K 2N0