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In Canada's Alberta province, the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo includes Fort McMurray as an urban service area. It is situated in the Athabasca oil sands in northeast Alberta, surrounded by boreal forest. It has been crucial to the growth of the country's petroleum industry. When Fort McMurray and Improvement District No. 143 merged on April 1, 1995, to form the Municipality of Wood Buffalo (later renamed the RM of Wood Buffalo on August 14, 1996), Fort McMurray, which had previously been a city, became an urban service area. T0A to T9K are the Fort McMurray County ZIP codes. This county can be found in the Canadian province of Alberta, in North America. Find the code and the location to learn more about Fort McMurray County's ZIP codes.

Fort McMurray is a vibrant and thriving community located in the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo, Alberta, Canada. As a major urban center in the region, Fort McMurray has specific postal codes assigned to different areas within the city to ensure efficient mail delivery.

The primary postal codes associated with Fort McMurray start with the letter "T" followed by a combination of numbers and letters. For example, some postal codes in Fort McMurray include T9H 0A1, T9K 0A2, and T9J 0B3. These codes cover various neighborhoods, residential areas, and businesses within the city.

Fort McMurray is divided into multiple communities, each with its own unique postal codes. Some of the notable communities within Fort McMurray include Timberlea, Thickwood, Abasand, Beacon Hill, and Waterways. These communities have their specific postal codes assigned to ensure accurate mail delivery to residents and businesses within each area.

It's important to note that the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo, which includes Fort McMurray, also encompasses several other communities and areas outside of the city itself. These areas may have their own distinct postal codes. For precise information about the postal codes for a specific address or location within Fort McMurray or the surrounding areas, it is recommended to consult the Canada Post website, local authorities, municipal offices, or the nearest post office. They will have the most up-to-date and accurate information regarding postal codes and addresses within Fort McMurray.

Fort McMurray ZIP Code

Name : Fort McMurray County

Postal Code : T0A, T0P, T0V, T9H, T9J, T9K

Province : Alberta (AB)

Country : Canada

Continent : North America





Fort McMurray


T0P 1J0

Fort McMurray


T0P 1G0

Fort McMurray



Fort McMurray


T0V 1A0

Fort McMurray

Fort Chipewyan

T0P 0A1, T0P 1B0

Fort McMurray

Fort Mackay

T0P 1C0

Fort McMurray

Fort McMurray

T9H, T9J, T9K

Fort McMurray


T0A 0G1, T0A 1C0