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Long Island's Garden City is a village in Nassau County, New York, in the United States. It serves as the focal point of the Greater Garden City region. With the exception of a small portion at the village's northernmost point that is located within the Town of North Hempstead, the Incorporated Village of Garden City is mostly situated within the Town of Hempstead. 11530 through 11599 are the Garden City ZIP Codes. This city is situated in the United States of America (USA), Nassau County, New York State. Find the code along with the City and code to learn more about Garden City's postal codes or ZIP codes.

Garden City, located in Nassau County, New York, is a charming village known for its tree-lined streets, well-maintained homes, and a strong sense of community. The village of Garden City is served by multiple zip codes, which help identify and organize the different areas within the community.

The main zip code for Garden City is 11530. This zip code covers the central part of the village, including the commercial district along Franklin Avenue and the historic Garden City Hotel. The zip code 11530 encompasses a mix of residential neighborhoods, shopping centers, restaurants, and local businesses.

Garden City Estates, a neighborhood situated in the southern part of the village, has its own unique zip code, which is 11599. This zip code represents the residential area of Garden City Estates, known for its larger homes, well-manicured lawns, and a peaceful suburban atmosphere.

Additionally, the village of Garden City shares zip codes with adjacent areas. For instance, the northern part of the village, known as East Garden City, is covered by the zip code 11553. This area includes Roosevelt Field Mall, one of the largest shopping centers in the region, along with office buildings and hotels.

The zip code 11501, which extends beyond Garden City's borders, includes parts of the village as well as the neighboring village of Mineola. This zip code covers a diverse range of residential, commercial, and government buildings.

These zip codes in Garden City help facilitate mail delivery, provide geographic identifiers, and contribute to the administrative functions within the community. They reflect the various neighborhoods, commercial districts, and adjacent areas that make Garden City a desirable place to live, work, and visit.

Garden City ZIP Code

Name : Garden City

ZIP Code : 11530 - 11599

Area Code : 516, 613, 718

County : Nassau

State : New York (NY)

Country : United States (US)

Region : North America

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