List of Grande Praire Postal Codes Complete

The city of Grande Prairie is located in the southern part of Peace River Country in northwest Alberta, Canada. It is situated 456 kilometers (283 miles) northwest of Edmonton at the junction of Highway 40 (the Bighorn Highway) and Highway 43 (a portion of the CANAMEX Corridor). The County of Grande Prairie No. 1 encircles the city. T0H to T8X are the Grande Prairie County ZIP codes. This county can be found in the Canadian province of Alberta, in North America. Find the code and the location to learn more about the list of postal or ZIP codes in Grande Prairie County.

Grande Prairie, located in the province of Alberta, follows the standard Canadian Postal Code system. Postal Codes in Canada consist of a six-character alphanumeric code in the format A1A 1A1. The first letter of the Postal Code represents a specific geographic area, while the second letter narrows down the region further. The first digit of the Postal Code represents a larger area, while the second digit refines it to a more localized region. Let's explore the Postal Code areas in Grande Prairie.

The main Postal Code area for Grande Prairie begins with T8V. This area covers the central and northern parts of the city. It includes the downtown core and neighborhoods such as Highland Park, VLA Montrose, Swanavon, and Hillside. The T8V Postal Code area is characterized by a mix of residential, commercial, and institutional properties, providing a vibrant and diverse community.

Moving to the eastern and southeastern parts of Grande Prairie, we find the T8W Postal Code area. This region includes neighborhoods like Lakeland, Crystal Ridge, Cobblestone, Signature Falls, and Mission Heights. The T8W area is known for its newer developments, family-oriented communities, and a range of amenities such as schools, parks, and shopping centers. It offers a variety of housing options, from single-family homes to townhouses.

To the west of the city, we have the T8X Postal Code area. This area represents neighborhoods like Westlake, Westpointe, and Westgate. T8X is characterized by its proximity to natural landscapes, with numerous parks, trails, and outdoor recreational opportunities available. The area offers a mix of residential properties, including single-family homes and townhouses, providing residents with a tranquil living environment.

For the southern part of Grande Prairie, the T8S Postal Code area is used. This region encompasses neighborhoods such as Southview, Country Club Estates, and Ivy Lake Estates. T8S offers a mix of suburban and rural living, with larger lots and a more serene atmosphere. Residents in this area enjoy the beauty of natural landscapes, including lakes and green spaces.

It's important to note that Postal Code areas are designed to facilitate efficient mail delivery and may not align precisely with neighborhood boundaries. Additionally, as the city grows and develops, new Postal Codes may be introduced to accommodate expansion and ensure effective mail distribution.

To obtain precise information regarding specific Postal Codes in Grande Prairie, it is advisable to consult official postal services or relevant local authorities. They can provide the most up-to-date and accurate details regarding Postal Codes, ensuring efficient mail delivery and effective communication within the community.

Grande Praire County ZIP Code

Name : Grande Prairie County

Postal Code : T0H, T8S, T8V, T8W, T8X

Province : Alberta (AB)

Country : Canada

Continent : North America





Grande Prairie

Bay Tree

T0H 0A0

Grande Prairie


T0H 0C2, T0H 0C0

Grande Prairie


T0H 0A2, T0H 0E0

Grande Prairie


T0H 0G0, T0H 0C1

Grande Prairie

Blueberry Mountain

T0H 0H0

Grande Prairie


T0H 0J0

Grande Prairie


T0H 0K0, T0H 0A1

Grande Prairie


T0H 0L0

Grande Prairie


T0H, T8X

Grande Prairie

County of Grande Prairie No. 1

T8W, T8X

Grande Prairie


T0H 1C0

Grande Prairie


T0H 1G0, T0H 0A9

Grande Prairie


T0H 0A5, T0H 1H0

Grande Prairie


T0H 1J0

Grande Prairie


T0H 0B4, T0H 1L0

Grande Prairie


T0H 1M0, T0H 0E4

Grande Prairie


T0H 0G1, T0H 1S0

Grande Prairie


T0H 1T0

Grande Prairie

Grande Prairie

T8V, T8W, T8X

Grande Prairie


T0H 0B8, T0H 1W0

Grande Prairie


T0H 1Y0, T0H 0B5

Grande Prairie


T0H 0G2, T0H 2C0

Grande Prairie

Jean Cote

T0H 2E0

Grande Prairie

La Glace

T0H 0G3, T0H 2J0

Grande Prairie


T0H 2L0, T0H 0C5

Grande Prairie

Peace River


Grande Prairie


T0H 0B7, T0H 3A0

Grande Prairie



Grande Prairie

Silver Valley

T0H 3E0

Grande Prairie

Spirit River

T0H 0E8, T0H 3G0

Grande Prairie


T0H 0C7, T0H 3J0

Grande Prairie

Valhalla Centre

T0H 3M0

Grande Prairie


T0H 0G4, T0H 3P0

Grande Prairie


T0H 3R0

Grande Prairie


T0H 3S0, T0H 0E3

Grande Prairie


T0H 3T0

Grande Prairie


T0H 3V0