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 In the western Mojave Desert of Southern California's Antelope Valley, in the northern part of Los Angeles County, Lancaster is a charter city. Together, Lancaster and its southern neighbor Palmdale make up the Antelope Valley's major cities. Lancaster and Palmdale are twin cities. Those for Lancaster range from 93534 to 93586. This city may be found in North America's Los Angeles County, which is part of the USA's California State. Find the code along with the City and code to learn more about the list of postal codes or ZIP codes in Lancaster.

Lancaster, located in the Antelope Valley region of Los Angeles County, California, has several ZIP codes that cover its diverse neighborhoods and surrounding areas. Known for its desert landscapes, aerospace industry, and affordable housing, Lancaster offers a unique blend of suburban living and natural beauty. Let's explore some of the primary ZIP codes in Lancaster:

The main ZIP codes in Lancaster include 93534, 93535, and 93536. These ZIP codes cover various residential neighborhoods, commercial districts, and industrial areas within the city.

The ZIP code 93534 encompasses the downtown area of Lancaster and surrounding neighborhoods. This area features a mix of historic buildings, small businesses, and residential communities. The Lancaster Performing Arts Center, the Lancaster Museum of Art and History, and the Antelope Valley College are also located within this ZIP code.

ZIP code 93535 covers the eastern portion of Lancaster, including neighborhoods such as Lake Los Angeles and parts of the Desert View Highlands. This area consists of both rural and suburban communities, with a mix of residential developments, schools, and open spaces.

ZIP code 93536 encompasses the western portion of Lancaster, including neighborhoods like Quartz Hill and parts of Del Sur. This area is primarily residential, with a mix of suburban neighborhoods, parks, and schools.

In addition to these primary ZIP codes, there are additional ZIP codes that cover specific areas or communities within Lancaster. These include ZIP codes such as 93539 (Edwards Air Force Base) and 93584 (Lancaster Federal Prison).

The ZIP codes within Lancaster contribute to efficient mail delivery, facilitate administrative organization, and provide a geographic framework for the city's neighborhoods and communities. Residents of Lancaster enjoy a range of amenities, including shopping centers, recreational facilities, and access to outdoor activities in the nearby Antelope Valley desert.

Lancaster's strategic location, with its proximity to major highways and the presence of aerospace and defense industries, contributes to its economic growth and employment opportunities. The city's commitment to sustainability is evident in initiatives such as the Lancaster Solar City program, which promotes clean energy and environmental stewardship.

Overall, Lancaster offers residents a balance of suburban living, natural beauty, and economic opportunities within the expansive landscape of the Antelope Valley.

List of Lancaster ZIP Code

Name : Lancaster

ZIP Code : 93534 - 93586

Area Code : 213, 661, 818

County : Los Angeles County

State : California (CA)

Country : United States (US)

Region : North America


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