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The Greater Vancouver Metropolitan Area (also known as Metro Vancouver), which is one of the 28 regional districts in British Columbia, is represented by the Metro Vancouver Regional District (MVRD), a governmental subdivision and corporate organization in Canada. When it was founded in 1967, the organization was known as the Regional District of Fraser-Burrard for almost a year, then from 1968 until 2017, it was known as the Greater Vancouver Regional District (GVRD). V0N through V7W are the Metro Vancouver ZIP codes. North America's British Columbia province is where this region is situated. Find the code and the location to get more information. Metro Vancouver has a list of postal codes and ZIP codes.

Metro Vancouver is a bustling and populous regional district located in southwestern British Columbia, Canada. It encompasses a diverse range of cities, municipalities, and communities. Within Metro Vancouver, numerous postal codes or ZIP codes are used to facilitate efficient mail delivery and support administrative functions.

Metro Vancouver is home to several prominent cities, each with its own unique postal codes. For example, the city of Vancouver, the region's largest urban center, utilizes a range of postal codes including V6B, V6E, V6G, and many more, which cover various neighborhoods and areas within the city. Vancouver is renowned for its vibrant cultural scene, thriving business district, and stunning natural surroundings.

Other municipalities within Metro Vancouver, such as Burnaby, Richmond, Surrey, and Coquitlam, also have their own distinct postal codes. These codes ensure efficient mail delivery and support administrative functions within these cities, each offering its own unique blend of urban amenities, cultural attractions, and recreational opportunities.

In addition to the urban centers, Metro Vancouver encompasses various suburban and rural areas, each with its own designated postal codes. These areas often enjoy a balance of residential neighborhoods, green spaces, and recreational facilities. Postal codes such as V3S, V4N, V6T, and many more are used to facilitate mail delivery and administrative operations in these regions.

The postal codes within Metro Vancouver play a crucial role in maintaining effective communication, enabling mail services, and supporting administrative functions across the region. They aid in the efficient distribution of resources, demographic analysis, and the planning and development of the district's diverse communities.

Overall, the postal codes in Metro Vancouver are an integral part of ensuring efficient mail delivery, organizing administrative functions, and meeting the unique needs of residents and businesses across a region characterized by bustling cities, suburban neighborhoods, and scenic rural areas.

Metro Vancouver Regional District ZIP Code

Name : Metro Vancouver Regional District (MVRD) / Greater Vancouver

Postal Code : V0N – V7W

Seat : Burnaby

Province : British Columbia (BC)

Country : Canada

Continent : North America





Metro Vancouver


V2Z, V4W

Metro Vancouver



Metro Vancouver



Metro Vancouver

Bowen Island


Metro Vancouver


V3J – V5S

Metro Vancouver

Coal Harbour

V0N 1K0

Metro Vancouver


V3B, V3C, V3E, V3H, V3J, V3K, V3L

Metro Vancouver


V3M, V4C, V4E, V4G, V4K, V4L, V4M

Metro Vancouver

Gold Creek

V0B 1T6

Metro Vancouver


V1M, V2V, V2Y, V2Z, V3A, V4W

Metro Vancouver

Lions Bay

V0N 0A2, V0N 2E0

Metro Vancouver

Maple Ridge

V2W, V2X, V4R

Metro Vancouver


V0X 1T0, V0X 0A7

Metro Vancouver

New Wesminster

V3C 4A6

Metro Vancouver

New Westminster

V3L, V3M

Metro Vancouver

North Vancouver

V7G, V7H, V7J, V7K, V7L, V7M, V7N, V7P, V7R

Metro Vancouver

Pitt Meadows


Metro Vancouver

Port Coquitlam

V3B, V3C, V3E

Metro Vancouver

Port Moody


Metro Vancouver


V6P, V6V, V6W, V6X, V6Y, V7A, V7B, V7C, V7E

Metro Vancouver


V3R, V3S, V3T, V3V, V3W, V3X, V3Z, V4A, V4N, V4P

Metro Vancouver



Metro Vancouver


V5K – V7Y

Metro Vancouver

West Vancouver

V7P, V7S, V7T, V7V, V7W

Metro Vancouver

White Rock