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A municipality in northeastern British Columbia, Canada, known as the Northern Rockies Regional Municipality (NRRM), originally the Northern Rockies Regional District (NRRD), and before that, the Fort Nelson-Liard Regional District. Despite being referred to in its official name as a regional municipality and operating at the same administrative level as a regional district, it is actually categorized as a district municipality. Fort Nelson, a previous incorporated municipality that merged with the NRRD on February 6, 2009 to form the NRRM, is where the NRRM's offices reside. V0C and V0J are ZIP codes for the Northern Rockies. North America's British Columbia province is where this region is situated. Find the code and the location to learn more about the Northern Rockies' list of postal or ZIP codes.

The Northern Rockies Regional District is located in northeastern British Columbia, Canada, and encompasses a vast and remote region characterized by rugged mountains, pristine wilderness, and unique ecosystems. Within this district, various postal codes or ZIP codes are utilized to facilitate efficient mail delivery and support administrative functions.

One of the primary postal codes associated with the Northern Rockies Regional District is V0C. This postal code covers the town of Fort Nelson, which serves as the district's administrative center and transportation hub. Fort Nelson is known for its proximity to the Northern Rocky Mountains, outdoor recreational activities, and its role in supporting the resource industries in the region.

The Northern Rockies Regional District includes other communities and rural areas, each with their own unique postal codes. For example, the community of Fort Liard, situated on the British Columbia-Northwest Territories border, has its own postal code within the district. These postal codes ensure efficient mail delivery to residents and businesses in these smaller communities and remote areas.

Given the vastness and remoteness of the region, some areas within the Northern Rockies Regional District may have limited mail delivery options. In such cases, residents often rely on alternate mail delivery methods, including post office boxes and community mailboxes.

The postal codes within the Northern Rockies Regional District play a crucial role in maintaining effective communication, enabling mail services, and supporting administrative functions across the region. They contribute to the efficient distribution of resources, aid in demographic analysis, and assist in the planning and development of the district's diverse communities.

In summary, the Northern Rockies Regional District's postal codes are vital in ensuring efficient mail delivery, organizing administrative functions, and meeting the unique needs of residents and businesses across a region characterized by remote communities, rugged wilderness, and the majestic Northern Rocky Mountains.

Northern Rockies Regional District ZIP Code

Name : Northern Rockies Regional Municipality (NRRM)

Postal Code : V0C, V0J

Seat : Fort Nelson

Province : British Columbia (BC)

Country : Canada

Continent : North America





Northern Rockies

Fort Nelson

V0C 0A6, V0C 1R0

Northern Rockies

Muncho Lake

V0C 0B8, V0C 1Z0

Northern Rockies

Prophet River

V0C 2V0

Northern Rockies

Summit Lake

V0J 2S0

Northern Rockies

Toad River

V0C 2X0