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The Stikine Region is an unincorporated area in northwestern British Columbia, Canada. It is the only area in the province that is not part of a regional district. The Stikine Region was left unincorporated following legislation that established the province's regional districts in 1968 and is not classified as a regional district. It contains no municipal governments which normally constitute the majority of seats on the boards of regional districts. Stikine ZIP codes is V0C and V0W. This Region is located in the British Columbia province, Canada, North America. For more details on the list of Postal codes or ZIP codes in Stikine, find the code along with the place.

The Stikine Region is located in northwestern British Columbia, Canada, and is known for its remote wilderness, rugged landscapes, and rich Indigenous cultures. Within this region, various postal codes or ZIP codes are used to facilitate efficient mail delivery and support administrative functions.

One of the primary postal codes associated with the Stikine Region is V0J. This postal code covers a large area within the region, including communities such as Dease Lake and Iskut. These communities serve as important hubs for local economic activities, including mining and tourism.

The Stikine Region is sparsely populated, and its vastness poses unique challenges for mail delivery. Given the remote nature of many communities, residents often rely on alternate mail delivery methods, such as post office boxes or community mailboxes.

The Stikine Region encompasses various First Nations communities and reserves, which have their own unique postal codes. These codes ensure efficient mail delivery to residents and businesses within these Indigenous communities, supporting their cultural preservation and economic activities.

The postal codes within the Stikine Region play a crucial role in maintaining effective communication, enabling mail services, and supporting administrative functions across the region. They contribute to the efficient distribution of resources, aid in demographic analysis, and assist in the planning and development of the region's diverse communities.

In summary, the postal codes within the Stikine Region are vital in ensuring efficient mail delivery, organizing administrative functions, and meeting the unique needs of residents and businesses across a remote and rugged region characterized by vast wilderness, Indigenous cultures, and a challenging geographic landscape in northwestern British Columbia.

Stikine Region ZIP Code

Name : Stikine Region

Postal Code : V0C, V0W

Seat : Atlin

Province : British Columbia (BC)

Country : Canada

Continent : North America







V0W 1A0, V0W 0A1


Good Hope Lake

V0C 2Z0


Jade City

V0C 1E0


Lower Post

V0C 1W0