List of Wood Buffalo Postal Code Complete

Northeast Alberta, Canada's Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo (abbreviated RMWB) is a specialized municipality. The Athabasca oil sands are located there, and it is the second-largest municipality in Alberta by area. T0A, T9M, and T9N are the ZIP codes for Wood Buffalo. This Regional is situated in North America's Canadian province of Alberta. Find the code and the location to get more information about the list of Wood Buffalo ZIP or Postal codes.

Wood Buffalo is a rural municipality located in northeastern Alberta, Canada. It encompasses a vast area that includes the communities of Fort McMurray, Anzac, Conklin, and other surrounding rural areas. To facilitate efficient mail delivery and postal services within Wood Buffalo, the area is divided into different postal code zones.

The postal codes in Wood Buffalo typically start with the prefix T9H, followed by a combination of numbers and letters. The postal code system is designed to divide the municipality into different areas, towns, and rural communities for easier mail distribution.

Fort McMurray, as the largest community within Wood Buffalo, has multiple postal codes to cover its various neighborhoods and districts. The central area of Fort McMurray is generally assigned the postal codes starting with the prefix T9H, while other areas may have different codes, such as T9H or T9K, depending on their precise location within the city.

Other communities within Wood Buffalo, such as Anzac and Conklin, also have their own designated postal codes. These codes vary depending on the specific location within the municipality. For example, Anzac's postal codes typically start with the prefix T0P, while Conklin may have postal codes starting with T0P or T0P.

Rural areas and smaller towns within Wood Buffalo also have designated postal codes. These codes usually start with the prefix T0P, T0P, or T0P, depending on their specific location within the municipality.

The postal code system in Wood Buffalo plays a vital role in ensuring accurate and timely mail delivery. Postal workers use these codes to sort and organize mail, ensuring that it reaches the correct destination within the municipality.

When addressing mail or sending packages to Wood Buffalo, it is important to include the correct postal code to ensure proper delivery. Postal codes provide an essential reference point for sorting centers and postal workers, enabling them to efficiently process and route mail within the municipality.

It's worth noting that postal codes can change or be updated over time as communities grow, new neighborhoods are established, or postal service requirements evolve. Therefore, it's always recommended to consult official postal service resources or local authorities to obtain the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding postal codes in Wood Buffalo or any other area.

Postal codes are a crucial component of the postal system in Wood Buffalo, ensuring that mail is delivered accurately and efficiently to the intended recipients. They play a vital role in streamlining the sorting and distribution process, allowing postal workers to handle a large volume of mail and packages effectively.

In conclusion, Wood Buffalo, like other municipalities in Canada, has its own postal code system to facilitate efficient mail delivery. The use of postal codes ensures that mail is accurately sorted and directed to the appropriate areas within the municipality. Including the correct postal code when addressing mail to Wood Buffalo is essential for ensuring prompt and accurate delivery. Postal codes are a fundamental tool in the postal service, contributing to the overall efficiency and reliability of mail delivery in Wood Buffalo.

Wood Buffalo ZIP Code

Name : Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo (RMWB)

Postal Code : T0A, T9M, T9N

Province : Alberta (AB)

Country : Canada

Continent : North America





Wood Buffalo


T0A 0E2, T0A 0B0

Wood Buffalo


T0A 0C7, T0A 0C0

Wood Buffalo


T0A 0J0

Wood Buffalo


T0A, T9N

Wood Buffalo

Boyne Lake

T0A 0N0

Wood Buffalo

Cherry Grove

T0A 0T0, T0A 0A2

Wood Buffalo

Cold Lake


Wood Buffalo

Elk Point

T0A 0B9, T0A 1A0

Wood Buffalo


T0A 1E0

Wood Buffalo

Fort Kent

T0A 1H0

Wood Buffalo

Frog Lake

T0A 0E3, T0A 1M0

Wood Buffalo


T0A 0A3, T0A 1P0

Wood Buffalo

Goodfish Lake

T0A 0E4, T0A 1R0

Wood Buffalo


T0A 1S0

Wood Buffalo


T0A 0B5, T0A 1X0

Wood Buffalo

Iron River

T0A 0C4, T0A 2A0

Wood Buffalo


T0A 2B0

Wood Buffalo

La Corey

T0A 2E0

Wood Buffalo

Lac la Biche


Wood Buffalo


T0A 2G0

Wood Buffalo


T0A 0A4, T0A 2J0

Wood Buffalo


T0A 0C6, T0A 2K0

Wood Buffalo


T0A 2L0

Wood Buffalo


T0A 0B7, T0A 2T0

Wood Buffalo

Saddle Lake

T0A 0A1, T0A 3T0

Wood Buffalo

Saint Brides

T0A 2Y0

Wood Buffalo

Saint Lina

T0A 0A5, T0A 2Z0

Wood Buffalo

Saint Paul


Wood Buffalo

Saint Vincent

T0A 0A8, T0A 3B0

Wood Buffalo

Smoky Lake

T0A 0B8, T0A 3C0

Wood Buffalo


T0A 3E0

Wood Buffalo


T0A 3G0, T0A 0B6

Wood Buffalo


T0A 0B3, T0A 3L0

Wood Buffalo


T0A 3N0

Wood Buffalo


T0A 3P0, T0A 0B1