List of Burin Peninsula Postal Code Complete

The Burin Peninsula is a peninsula that may be found in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador on the south coast of the island of Newfoundland. The major population center on the peninsula is Marystown. Fortune Bay and Placentia Bay are separated from one another to the southwest of the main island of Newfoundland by the Burin Peninsula. It is roughly 130 km (81 mi) long and ranges in breadth from 15 to 30 km (9.3-18.6 mi). Between Terrenceville and Monkstown, an isthmus that is 30 km (19 mi) wide, connects the two. Fishermen from the Basque region gave it the name Buria Peninsula in the sixteenth century. The peninsula also goes by the nickname "The Boot" due to its shape. A0E is the Burin Peninsula ZIP code. North America's province of Newfoundland and Labrador is where this Peninsula is situated. Find the code along with the location to get more information about the list of postal codes or ZIP codes in Burin Peninsula.

The Burin Peninsula is a picturesque region located on the southern coast of Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. It is known for its rugged coastline, charming coastal communities, and rich fishing heritage. Postal codes in the Burin Peninsula are assigned to different areas, facilitating efficient mail delivery and communication for residents and businesses.

Starting with the postal codes in the eastern part of the peninsula, we find communities such as Burin (postal code range A0E 1G0 to A0E 1X9) and Marystown (postal code range A0E 2M0 to A0E 2T9). These towns are vibrant centers of activity, offering a range of services, amenities, and employment opportunities. From the bustling streets of Burin to the scenic waterfront of Marystown, the postal codes ensure that residents can conveniently receive mail and packages.

Continuing westward, we come across additional communities in the Burin Peninsula. Places such as Grand Bank (postal code range A0E 1W0 to A0E 2C9), Fortune (postal code range A0E 1P0 to A0E 1S9), and Lamaline (postal code range A0E 2C0) are known for their historic charm and close connection to the fishing industry. Postal codes play a crucial role in connecting residents in these smaller communities, ensuring that they have access to essential mail services.

As we venture further west along the peninsula, we encounter other towns like St. Lawrence (postal code range A0E 2V0) and Lawn (postal code range A0E 2G0). These communities, nestled amidst breathtaking natural surroundings, offer a peaceful lifestyle and a close-knit community atmosphere. Postal codes enable efficient communication and mail delivery for the residents of these smaller towns, connecting them to the broader region and beyond.

The Burin Peninsula is also home to scenic coastal areas, such as the picturesque towns of Terrenceville (postal code range A0E 2H0) and Bay L'Argent (postal code range A0E 3A0). These communities provide access to stunning beaches, rugged cliffs, and outdoor recreational opportunities. Postal codes ensure that residents in these more remote locations can receive mail and stay connected with the necessary services.

In conclusion, the postal codes in the Burin Peninsula of Newfoundland and Labrador play a crucial role in connecting the diverse communities and residents of this stunning region. From the larger towns like Burin and Marystown to the smaller coastal communities, these postal codes facilitate efficient mail delivery, communication, and the exchange of goods and services. They contribute to the overall connectivity and functioning of the Burin Peninsula, ensuring that residents can stay in touch with the broader province and beyond.

Burin Peninsula ZIP Postal Code

Name : Burin Peninsula

Postal Code : A0E

Province : Newfoundland and Labrador (NL)

Country : Canada

Continent : North America





Burin Peninsula

Baine Harbour

A0E 0A1, A0E 1A0

Burin Peninsula

Bay l’Argent

A0E 1B0

Burin Peninsula

Boat Harbour West

A0E 1C0

Burin Peninsula


A0E 0A2, A0E 1E0

Burin Peninsula

Burin Bay Arm

A0E 1G0, A0E 0C1

Burin Peninsula


A0E 0C5, A0E 1K0

Burin Peninsula

Creston North

A0E 0C8, A0E 1L0

Burin Peninsula

English Harbour East

A0E 1M0, A0E 0A3

Burin Peninsula


A0E 1N0, A0E 0E1

Burin Peninsula


A0E 0C7, A0E 1P0

Burin Peninsula

Frenchman’s Cove

A0E 1R0, A0L 0A5, A0L 1E0

Burin Peninsula

Garden Cove

A0E 1S0, A0E 0B6

Burin Peninsula


A0E 1T0, A0E 0A4

Burin Peninsula

Grand Bank

A0E 1W0, A0E 0A8

Burin Peninsula

Grand Beach

A0E 1X0, A0E 0E2

Burin Peninsula

Grand le Pierre

A0E 1Y0

Burin Peninsula

Harbour Mille

A0E 0C3, A0E 1Z0

Burin Peninsula


A0E 2C0, A0E 0A5

Burin Peninsula


A0E 2E0, A0E 0B1

Burin Peninsula

Lewins Cove

A0E 2G0, A0E 0B4

Burin Peninsula

Little Bay

A0E 2H0

Burin Peninsula

Little Bay East

A0E 2J0, A0E 0B9

Burin Peninsula

Little Saint Lawrence

A0E 2L0

Burin Peninsula


A0E 0A6, A0E 2M0

Burin Peninsula


A0E 2Z0, A0E 0B5

Burin Peninsula

North Harbour

A0E 2N0, A0B 2V0

Burin Peninsula

Parkers Cove

A0E 1H0, A0E 1H0, A0E 0C6

Burin Peninsula

Petite Forte

A0E 3A0

Burin Peninsula

Red Harbour

A0E 0B2, A0E 2R0

Burin Peninsula


A0E 0C9, A0E 2S0

Burin Peninsula

Saint Bernards-Jacques Fontaine

A0E 2T0, A0E 0B3

Burin Peninsula

Saint Lawrence

A0E 0E3, A0E 2V0

Burin Peninsula

South East Bight

A0E 3B0, A0E 0C4

Burin Peninsula

Swift Current

A0E 0A7, A0E 2W0

Burin Peninsula


A0E 0B7, A0E 2X0

Burin Peninsula


A0E 2Y0