List of Eastern Manitoba Postal Code Complete

R0A and R0E are the ZIP codes for eastern Manitoba. This County is situated in North America's Canadian province of Manitoba. Find the code and the location on the list of postal codes or ZIP codes in Eastern Manitoba for more information.

Eastern Manitoba is a region in the province of Manitoba, Canada, encompassing various communities and areas with their own unique ZIP postal codes. These postal codes play a crucial role in ensuring accurate mail delivery and organization within the region.

One of the prominent communities in Eastern Manitoba is Steinbach, which has the postal code R5G. Steinbach is a dynamic city known for its strong Mennonite heritage, thriving economy, and vibrant cultural scene. The R5G postal code represents the city and its surrounding areas, facilitating efficient mail delivery and communication within the community.

Another notable community in Eastern Manitoba is Beausejour, which has the postal code R0E. Beausejour is a charming town that offers a blend of residential, commercial, and recreational amenities. The R0E postal code is assigned to the town and ensures that mail reaches its intended recipients in this vibrant community.

Lac du Bonnet, situated in Eastern Manitoba, has the postal code R0E as well. This picturesque town is known for its proximity to the Winnipeg River and its scenic landscapes. The R0E postal code helps facilitate efficient mail delivery to residents, businesses, and recreational properties in Lac du Bonnet.

Pinawa, a community nestled in Eastern Manitoba, has the postal code R0E as well. Pinawa is renowned for its natural beauty, with its location on the edge of Whiteshell Provincial Park and its access to the Winnipeg River. The R0E postal code is instrumental in ensuring seamless mail delivery and connectivity within this captivating community.

Whitemouth, situated in Eastern Manitoba, also shares the postal code R0E. This tranquil town is surrounded by lush forests and offers opportunities for outdoor activities, such as fishing, hiking, and camping. The R0E postal code ensures that mail is efficiently sorted and delivered to residents and businesses in Whitemouth.

The ZIP postal codes within Eastern Manitoba serve as vital markers, distinguishing different communities, towns, and areas within the region. These codes enable accurate mail sorting, distribution, and delivery, supporting effective communication and connectivity among residents, businesses, and organizations.

Eastern Manitoba, with its diverse landscapes, vibrant communities, and rich cultural heritage, offers a high quality of life for its residents. The postal codes within this region ensure that mail reaches its destination promptly and reliably, facilitating efficient communication and contributing to the overall connectivity of Eastern Manitoba.

In conclusion, the ZIP postal codes within Eastern Manitoba, such as R5G for Steinbach and R0E for Beausejour, Lac du Bonnet, Pinawa, and Whitemouth, play a crucial role in facilitating efficient mail delivery and organization within the region. These codes help distinguish different communities, ensuring accurate communication and supporting the connectivity of Eastern Manitoba.

Eastern Manitoba ZIP Code

Name : Eastern Manitoba

Postal Code : R0A, R0E

Province : Manitoba (MB)

Country : Canada

Continent : North America





Eastern Manitoba


R0E 0E0

Eastern Manitoba

Buffalo Point

R0A 2W0

Eastern Manitoba

Cross Lake

R0B 0A5, R0B 0J0

Eastern Manitoba

East Braintree

R0E 0L0

Eastern Manitoba


R0E 0E1, R0E 0Z0

Eastern Manitoba

Falcon Beach

R0E 0A8, R0E 0N0

Eastern Manitoba


R0A 0M0

Eastern Manitoba

Great Falls

R0E 0V0

Eastern Manitoba


R0E 0B7, R0E 0X0

Eastern Manitoba

Lac du Bonnet

R0E 0A2, R0E 1A0

Eastern Manitoba


R0A 1A0

Eastern Manitoba


R0A 1B0

Eastern Manitoba


R0E 0B4, R0E 1L0

Eastern Manitoba

Pine Falls

R0E 0B5, R0E 1M0

Eastern Manitoba


R0A 0A8, R0A 1K0

Eastern Manitoba

Pointe du Bois

R0E 0B6, R0E 1N0

Eastern Manitoba


R0E 1P0

Eastern Manitoba


R0E 0B3, R0E 1R0

Eastern Manitoba

River Hills

R0E 0C4, R0E 1T0

Eastern Manitoba

Saint Georges

R0E 0C9, R0E 1V0

Eastern Manitoba


R0A 0C4, R0A 1W0

Eastern Manitoba

Seddons Corner

R0E 0C2, R0E 1X0

Eastern Manitoba

Seven Sisters Falls

R0E 0A4, R0E 1Y0

Eastern Manitoba

South Junction

R0A 1Y0

Eastern Manitoba


R0A 0A9

Eastern Manitoba


R0E 0C7, R0E 1Z0

Eastern Manitoba


R0A 2B0

Eastern Manitoba


R0A 0C6, R0A 2C0

Eastern Manitoba

Traverse Bay

R0E 0B8, R0E 2A0

Eastern Manitoba


R0A 2J0

Eastern Manitoba

Victoria Beach

R0E 0A5, R0E 2C0

Eastern Manitoba


R0A 0A5, R0A 2K0

Eastern Manitoba


R0E 0A9, R0E 2G0

Eastern Manitoba


R0E 0C8, R0E 2H0

Eastern Manitoba


R0A 0C5, R0A 2N0