List of Haliburton County Postal Code Complete

A county in Ontario, Canada called Haliburton is well-known as a vacation and cottage destination in Central Ontario for its natural beauty and its local artists. The county seat is Minden Hills. Thomas Chandler Haliburton, a writer, statesman, and the founding chairman of the Canadian Land and Emigration Company, is the inspiration behind the names of Haliburton County and Haliburton Village. On its northern border, the county abuts Algonquin Provincial Park. The ZIP codes K0L and K0M for Haliburton. This county can be found in the Canadian province of Ontario, in North America. Find the code and the location to get more information about Haliburton's postal codes or ZIP codes.

Haliburton County, located in the province of Ontario, Canada, is a picturesque region known for its stunning lakes, dense forests, and rugged landscapes. Postal codes, also known as ZIP codes in the United States, play a crucial role in organizing and facilitating efficient mail delivery within Haliburton County. These codes ensure that letters, packages, and other mail items reach their intended recipients promptly and accurately, fostering effective communication and connectivity throughout the region.

Haliburton County follows the Canadian postal code system, which consists of a six-character alphanumeric code. The first three characters represent a specific geographic area, while the last three characters narrow down the location to a specific address or neighborhood. These codes are essential in ensuring accurate and timely mail delivery to residents and businesses across Haliburton County.

Haliburton County encompasses a range of towns, villages, and rural areas, each with its own distinct postal codes. For instance, the K0M postal code is associated with the town of Minden, the largest urban center in the county. Minden is known for its charming downtown, recreational opportunities, and access to beautiful lakes and rivers.

Similarly, the K0J postal code covers parts of the village of Haliburton, another prominent community within the county. Haliburton offers a mix of amenities, including unique shops, art galleries, and outdoor activities. The postal codes K0M and K0J are also associated with various rural areas within Haliburton County, such as Wilberforce, Gooderham, and West Guilford. These areas are known for their tranquil natural surroundings, cottage country appeal, and close-knit communities.

In addition to these towns and rural areas, Haliburton County encompasses other smaller communities, each with its own designated postal codes. These codes ensure efficient mail delivery and logistics in specific regions, contributing to the smooth functioning of communication and commerce.

Moreover, postal codes in Haliburton County have broader applications beyond mail delivery. They are often used in demographic analysis, market research, and mapping services. Businesses and organizations leverage postal code data to gain insights into consumer behaviors, target specific regions for marketing campaigns, and optimize their services based on localized needs.

In conclusion, Haliburton County in Ontario, Canada, relies on a comprehensive postal code system to facilitate efficient mail delivery and logistics. Postal codes such as K0M and K0J cover various towns, villages, and rural areas within the region, ensuring accurate and timely communication for residents and businesses. Whether it's the vibrant town centers or the serene countryside, postal codes play a vital role in connecting the people and places of Haliburton County, contributing to its thriving communities and natural beauty.

Haliburton County ZIP Postal Code

Name : Haliburton County

Postal Code : K0L, K0M

Seat : Minden

Province : Ontario (ON)

Country : Canada

Continent : North America






Algonquin Highlands




K0L 1M1, K0L 0B9, K0L 1M0


Eagle Lake

K0M 0A7, K0M 1M0



K0M 0B2, K0M 1R0








Highland Grove

K0L 2A0



K0M 1X0





Tory Hill

K0L 2Y0


West Guilford

K0M 0B6, K0M 2S0



K0L 0A8, K0L 3C0