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Canada's Nunavut has an administrative region called Kitikmeot Region. It comprises of King William Island and the southern half of Prince of Wales Island, along with the eastern and southern portions of Victoria Island, and the neighboring area of the mainland as far as the Boothia Peninsula. Cambridge Bay serves as the regional hub. Prior to 1999, the region known now as Kitikmeot Region, Northwest Territories, had slightly different borders. X0B is the Kitikmeot ZIP code. The province of Nunavut in Canada is where this county is situated. Find the code and the location to get more information about the Kitikmeot postal codes or ZIP codes.

The Kitikmeot Region, located in Nunavut, Canada, is a vast and remote area characterized by its stunning Arctic landscapes, rich Inuit culture, and close-knit communities. Within the Kitikmeot Region, postal codes play a crucial role in facilitating efficient mail delivery and organization, connecting the various communities spread across this expansive territory.

The Kitikmeot Region encompasses several communities, each with its own distinct postal addressing system. These postal codes ensure that mail and packages are accurately directed to the intended recipients within each community, despite the remote and challenging nature of the region.

One of the notable communities in the Kitikmeot Region is Kugaaruk. This community has specific postal codes assigned to it, enabling efficient mail delivery to its residents and businesses. Postal codes in Kugaaruk typically start with the prefix X0A, followed by a unique combination of numbers and letters that identify specific delivery areas within the community.

Another significant community in the Kitikmeot Region is Cambridge Bay. Postal codes for Cambridge Bay start with the prefix X0B, followed by a combination of numbers and letters that distinguish different areas within the community. These postal codes play a vital role in ensuring accurate and timely delivery of mail and packages to residents and businesses in Cambridge Bay.

The community of Gjoa Haven, located on King William Island, also has its own set of postal codes. These codes, starting with the prefix X0C, assist in directing mail and packages to the appropriate destinations within Gjoa Haven, connecting the community with the wider region and beyond.

Other communities within the Kitikmeot Region, such as Taloyoak (X0E), Kugaaruk (X0A), and Uluhaktok (X0E), also have their own unique postal codes. These codes serve as essential tools for efficient mail delivery, connecting residents, businesses, and organizations within these communities with the wider region.

The Kitikmeot Region's postal codes provide a structured system that ensures accurate mail delivery and organization. Despite the challenges posed by the remote and sparsely populated nature of the region, these codes play a crucial role in supporting communication, commerce, and connectivity within and beyond the communities of the Kitikmeot Region.

It's important to note that postal codes are subject to change, and it is advisable to verify the most up-to-date information with local postal authorities or service providers in the Kitikmeot Region. The unique postal addressing system in place within the region facilitates efficient mail delivery, supporting communication and connection in this remote and culturally significant part of Nunavut, Canada.

Kitikmeot Region ZIP Postal Code

Name : Kitikmeot

Postal Code : X0B

Province : Nunavut (NU)

Country : Canada

Continent : North America






Bay Chimo

X0B 2A0


Cambridge Bay

X0B 0C0, X0B 0A1


Gjoa Haven

X0B 1J0, X0B 0A3



X0B 1K0, X0B 0A4



X0B 0A2, X0B 0E0



X0B 0A5, X0B 1B0