List of Kivalliq Region Postal Code Complete

Canada's Nunavut has an administrative region called Kivalliq. It consists of Coats Island, Southampton Island, and the area of the mainland west of Hudson Bay. Rankin Inlet serves as the regional center. Prior to 1999, the Kivalliq Region of the Northwest Territories had somewhat different borders known as the Keewatin Region. Despite the fact that the region's name was changed to Kivalliq in 1999, Statistics Canada continues to refer to it as the Keewatin Region in documents like the Census until 2021. Since the name "Keewatin" originated in a northwest Ontario region and is derived from a Cree dialect, Nunavut-based organizations have generally stopped using it to refer to the area. It was only used on Inuit-inhabited lands because of the boundaries of the District of Keewatin, which is no longer in existence. X0C is the Kivalliq ZIP code. The province of Nunavut in Canada is where this county is situated. Find the code and the location to learn more about the Kivalliq ZIP codes.

The Kivalliq Region, located in Nunavut, Canada, encompasses several communities that are spread across vast and remote areas. Although the region does not have traditional ZIP codes, it utilizes a unique postal addressing system to ensure accurate mail delivery. Each community within the Kivalliq Region has its own specific postal codes assigned to facilitate efficient mail routing and delivery.

Arviat, one of the communities in the Kivalliq Region, has two postal codes: X0C 0A5 and X0C 0E0. These codes help ensure that mail and packages are delivered accurately to residents and businesses in Arviat. With its picturesque surroundings and strong Inuit culture, Arviat is an important community within the Kivalliq Region.

Baker Lake, another significant community in the Kivalliq Region, also has two postal codes: X0C 0A4 and X0C 0A0. These codes assist in directing mail and packages to the appropriate recipients in Baker Lake. Known for its stunning natural landscapes and traditional Inuit art, Baker Lake plays a vital role in the cultural fabric of the region.

Chesterfield Inlet, a community with a rich history and strong Inuit heritage, has the postal codes X0C 0A6 and X0C 0B0. These codes ensure that mail and packages reach the residents and businesses of Chesterfield Inlet accurately and in a timely manner.

Coral Harbour, located on Southampton Island, has the postal codes X0C 0A2 and X0C 0C0. These codes are used to facilitate mail delivery within the community, connecting residents with the wider region. Coral Harbour offers breathtaking landscapes, wildlife viewing opportunities, and a chance to immerse oneself in the Inuit way of life.

Rankin Inlet, often considered the regional hub of the Kivalliq Region, has the postal codes X0C 0A1 and X0C 0G0. These codes are integral in ensuring the precise delivery of mail and packages to the residents, businesses, and organizations in Rankin Inlet. With its economic significance and diverse cultural offerings, Rankin Inlet serves as a central hub for the surrounding communities.

Repulse Bay, a community known for its stunning Arctic beauty and rich Inuit heritage, has the postal codes X0C 0A7 and X0C 0H0. These codes are essential for accurate mail delivery within Repulse Bay, connecting residents with the wider region and beyond.

Whale Cove, with its picturesque coastal setting and close-knit community, has the postal codes X0C 0A3 and X0C 0J0. These codes help ensure the efficient delivery of mail and packages to the residents and businesses in Whale Cove.

It's important to note that the Kivalliq Region's postal codes are subject to change, and it is advisable to verify the most up-to-date information with local postal authorities or service providers. The unique postal addressing system in place within the Kivalliq Region facilitates effective mail delivery, connecting the communities and supporting communication in this remote and culturally significant part of Nunavut, Canada.

Kivalliq Region ZIP Postal Code

Name : Kivalliq

Postal Code : X0C

Province : Nunavut (NU)

Country : Canada

Continent : North America







X0C 0A5, X0C 0E0


Baker Lake

X0C 0A4, X0C 0A0


Chesterfield Inlet

X0C 0A6, X0C 0B0


Coral Harbour

X0C 0A2, X0C 0C0


Rankin Inlet

X0C 0A1, X0C 0G0


Repulse Bay

X0C 0A7, X0C 0H0


Whale Cove

X0C 0A3, X0C 0J0