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In southern Quebec, Canada, which is a part of the Montreal area, there is a city and an administrative region that are contiguous with the city. H7A to H7Y are the Laval Region's ZIP codes. North America's Quebec province is where this area is situated. Find the code and the location on the list of postal codes or ZIP codes in the Laval Region for further information.

The Laval region, located in the province of Quebec, Canada, is a dynamic area known for its vibrant urban centers, diverse communities, and thriving economy. ZIP postal codes in Laval serve as identifiers for different neighborhoods and areas within the region, facilitating efficient mail delivery and logistical operations. Here is a detailed exploration of Laval Region ZIP postal codes.

Laval is divided into several postal code areas, each representing different districts and communities. The majority of ZIP postal codes in Laval typically begin with the letter "H" followed by a combination of numbers. The codes cover various neighborhoods, providing a means of organizing and identifying specific areas within the region.

The city of Laval is the central urban hub of the region and is characterized by its bustling commercial centers, cultural institutions, and recreational opportunities. Postal codes starting with H7 cover the city of Laval, with areas such as Chomedey, Sainte-Rose, Vimont, and Laval-des-Rapides. These neighborhoods offer a wide range of amenities, including shopping malls, restaurants, parks, and cultural venues. Laval is also home to Carrefour Laval, one of the largest shopping centers in Quebec.

Beyond the city center, the ZIP postal codes in Laval cover other communities and districts, each with its unique character and attractions. For example, Sainte-Dorothée, covered by postal codes starting with H7X, is known for its residential neighborhoods and proximity to the scenic Rivière des Prairies. This area offers a suburban setting with parks, schools, and access to the riverfront.

Other neighborhoods in Laval include Fabreville (H7R), Duvernay (H7E), and Pont-Viau (H7G), each offering a mix of residential and commercial areas. These communities feature local parks, community centers, and easy access to major transportation routes.

Laval also encompasses industrial and business areas, such as Saint-Vincent-de-Paul (H7C), which is home to industrial parks and manufacturing facilities. These areas play a vital role in the region's economy, providing employment opportunities and contributing to Laval's overall growth.

In summary, the ZIP postal codes in the Laval region represent the diverse communities and neighborhoods that make up this dynamic area. From the bustling city center of Laval to the suburban residential areas and industrial parks, each postal code signifies a specific location with its own unique attributes. Whether you're exploring the urban amenities, enjoying the suburban lifestyle, or engaging in business activities, Laval's ZIP postal codes play a crucial role in ensuring efficient mail delivery and serving as a guide to the various communities that contribute to the vibrancy of this region.

Laval Region ZIP Postal Code

Name : Laval Region

Postal Code : H7A – H7Y

Province : Quebec (QC)

Country : Canada

Continent : North America







H7A – H7Y