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In the Canadian province of Quebec's Lanaudière, the municipality of Les Moulins is a regional county. It includes the towns of Terrebonne and Mascouche and is situated on the north bank of the Rivière des Mille-Îles, directly north of Laval. Lachenaie and La Plaine are two former towns in the area that are now arrondissements of the two current cities. J0N to J7M are the Les Moulins ZIP codes. This county can be found in the province of Quebec, Canada, North America, in the Lanaudière Region. Find the code along with the location to get more information about the list of postal codes or ZIP codes in Les Moulins.

Les Moulins Regional County Municipality (RCM) is a thriving administrative division located in the province of Quebec, Canada. Situated in the picturesque region of Lanaudière, Les Moulins RCM is nestled within the North American continent. The RCM takes its name from the scenic mills that dot the landscape, serving as a reminder of the region's rich industrial history.

Les Moulins RCM encompasses a significant area and is home to several towns and communities, each contributing to the vibrant tapestry of the region. The RCM boasts a diverse population, rich cultural heritage, and a strong sense of community. The postal codes associated with Les Moulins RCM are J0N, J6V, J6W, J6X, J6Y, J7K, J7L, and J7M, ensuring efficient mail delivery and convenience for its residents.

The city of Terrebonne serves as the seat of Les Moulins RCM and is a bustling urban center. Terrebonne offers a wide range of services, amenities, and employment opportunities. Its downtown area is characterized by a blend of historic buildings, modern developments, and a vibrant cultural scene. The city is known for its lively festivals, artistic performances, and a thriving arts community.

Lanaudière, the region to which Les Moulins RCM belongs, is renowned for its natural beauty and outdoor recreational opportunities. The area features picturesque landscapes with rolling hills, forests, and waterways. Outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy activities such as hiking, cycling, boating, fishing, and wildlife observation. The region's proximity to the scenic Rivière des Mille Îles and Rivière des Prairies adds to its appeal, offering opportunities for water-based activities and stunning views.

As part of Quebec province, Les Moulins RCM embraces the unique cultural heritage and Francophone identity for which Quebec is renowned. The province's commitment to preserving its French language and culture is evident in the daily lives of Les Moulins RCM residents. The region celebrates its heritage through various cultural events, including music festivals, art exhibitions, and traditional celebrations.

Les Moulins RCM is proud to be part of Canada, a country known for its diversity, inclusivity, and natural wonders. As part of the North American continent, Canada offers a wealth of opportunities and experiences, with Les Moulins RCM serving as a gateway to explore the beauty and cultural richness of the continent

In conclusion, Les Moulins Regional County Municipality in Quebec's Lanaudière region is a vibrant and dynamic destination that combines natural beauty, cultural heritage, and a strong community spirit. With Terrebonne as its seat, the region offers a wide range of amenities, cultural experiences, and outdoor activities. Les Moulins RCM showcases the unique charm and beauty of Quebec while contributing to the diverse and captivating tapestry of Canada's North American continent.

Les Moulins ZIP Postal Code

Name : Les Moulins Regional County Municipality

Postal Code : J0N, J6V, J6W, J6X, J6Y, J7K, J7L, J7M

Seat : Terrebonne

Region : Lanaudière

Province : Quebec (QC)

Country : Canada

Continent : North America





Les Moulins


J7K, J7L

Les Moulins


J0N, J6V, J6W, J6X, J6Y, J7K, J7M