List of North East Manitoba Postal Code Complete

R0B to R0L are the North East Manitoba ZIP codes. This County is situated in North America's Canadian province of Manitoba. Find the code and the location to learn more about the list of postal codes or ZIP codes in North East Manitoba.

North East Manitoba is a vast and captivating region within the province of Manitoba, Canada, known for its stunning natural landscapes, remote settlements, and diverse communities. The postal codes within North East Manitoba are essential in facilitating efficient mail delivery and organization across this expansive area.

Covering a wide expanse of land, North East Manitoba comprises numerous towns, villages, and remote settlements, each with its own unique ZIP postal codes. These codes serve as crucial identifiers, ensuring accurate mail sorting and timely delivery to the different communities within the region.

One prominent community in North East Manitoba is The Pas, which has the postal code R9A. The Pas is a vibrant town situated along the banks of the Saskatchewan River, known for its rich Indigenous heritage, outdoor recreational opportunities, and economic significance as a regional hub. The R9A postal code helps ensure that mail reaches residents, businesses, and organizations within The Pas and surrounding areas efficiently.

Another notable community in North East Manitoba is Flin Flon, which shares the postal code R8A. Flin Flon is a unique mining town nestled amidst the Canadian Shield and surrounded by lakes and forests. It is known for its strong sense of community, outdoor activities, and cultural attractions. The R8A postal code facilitates accurate mail delivery within Flin Flon, connecting residents and businesses across this picturesque community.

Gillam, located within North East Manitoba, has the postal code R0B. Gillam is a remote settlement known for its pristine wilderness, hydroelectric power stations, and outdoor adventure opportunities. The R0B postal code ensures that mail reaches the residents of Gillam, contributing to the connectivity and communication within this remote part of the region.

Leaf Rapids, with the postal code R0B as well, is another community in North East Manitoba. Leaf Rapids is a former mining town surrounded by boreal forests and lakes, offering residents and visitors opportunities for outdoor recreation and a peaceful lifestyle. The R0B postal code ensures that mail is efficiently delivered to the residents and businesses of Leaf Rapids, contributing to the smooth functioning of the community.

These are just a few examples of the communities within North East Manitoba and their associated postal codes. The region's postal code system is crucial for accurate mail delivery and communication, particularly considering the vast distances and remote settlements within the area.

North East Manitoba's breathtaking landscapes, including boreal forests, lakes, and rivers, offer ample opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts, including fishing, hunting, camping, and wildlife observation. The region is also home to several Indigenous communities, each with its unique cultural heritage and traditions.

In conclusion, North East Manitoba is a captivating region with its own distinct postal codes that ensure efficient mail delivery and organization. The postal codes, such as R9A for The Pas, R8A for Flin Flon, and R0B for Gillam and Leaf Rapids, play a vital role in connecting the communities within the region and supporting effective communication. North East Manitoba's natural beauty, remote settlements, and diverse communities make it an intriguing part of the province.

North East Manitoba ZIP Code

Name : North East Manitoba

Postal Code : R0B, R0C, R0E, R0L

Province : Manitoba (MB)

Country : Canada

Continent : North America





North East


R0L 0B3, R0L 0B0

North East

Berens River

R0B 0A4, R0B 0A0

North East


R0E 0B1, R0E 0J0

North East


R0C 0J0

North East


R0L 0B4, R0L 0J0

North East

Crane River

R0L 0A3, R0L 0M0

North East


R0C 0E9, R0C 0S0

North East

Duck Bay

R0L 0C7, R0L 0N0

North East

Fort Alexander

R0E 0P0

North East

Grand Marais

R0E 0A7, R0E 0T0

North East


R0C 0G5, R0C 1S0

North East

Lake Manitoba First Nation

R0C 0G4, R0C 3K0

North East

Little Bullhead

R0C 1V0

North East

Little Grand Rapids

R0B 0B5, R0B 0V0

North East


R0E 1E0, R0E 0C3

North East

Matheson Island

R0C 2A0, R0C 0B9

North East

Meadow Portage

R0L 1E0

North East


R0B 0C4, R0B 0Z0

North East


R0E 1K0

North East


R0B 0C5, R0B 2G0

North East


R0C 3J0, R0C 0A7

North East

Pelican Rapids

R0L 0B5, R0L 1L0

North East

Princess Harbour

R0C 2P0

North East

Rock Ridge

R0L 2K0

North East


R0L 1Y0

North East


R0E 2E0

North East


R0L 0A6, R0L 2C0