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Northern Manitoba is a geographical and cultural region of the Canadian province of Manitoba. It is frequently referred to as NorMan or Nor-Man. The province was first limited to a tiny square surrounding the Red River Colony, but in 1912 it was expanded north to the 60th parallel. The region's precise boundaries are unclear because, regardless of latitude, "northern" cultures are thought to have certain social and physical traits. R0B is the northern Manitoba ZIP code. This County is situated in North America's Canadian province of Manitoba. Find the code and the location on the list of postal codes or ZIP codes in Northern Manitoba for more information.

Northern Manitoba is a vast and diverse region in the province of Manitoba, Canada. Known for its rugged wilderness, pristine lakes, and remote communities, the postal codes within Northern Manitoba play a crucial role in facilitating mail delivery and organization across this expansive area.

Covering a significant portion of the province, Northern Manitoba is characterized by its breathtaking landscapes and unique ecosystems. The region is home to several towns, villages, and First Nations communities, each with their own distinct ZIP postal codes. These codes serve as vital markers, enabling accurate mail sorting and ensuring that mail reaches its intended recipients efficiently.

One of the prominent communities in Northern Manitoba is Thompson, which has the postal code R8N. Thompson is a thriving city and serves as a hub for the surrounding communities. Known for its mining industry and natural beauty, Thompson is nestled within the boreal forest and offers residents and visitors access to outdoor activities such as fishing, hiking, and wildlife viewing. The R8N postal code enables efficient mail delivery and communication within Thompson and its surrounding areas.

Another notable community in Northern Manitoba is Flin Flon, which shares the postal code R8A. Flin Flon is a unique mining town located near the border of Saskatchewan and is renowned for its rich mining history, stunning landscapes, and outdoor recreational opportunities. The R8A postal code ensures that mail reaches residents, businesses, and organizations within Flin Flon and contributes to the smooth functioning of the community.

Churchill, situated on the shores of Hudson Bay, is another significant community in Northern Manitoba. This remote town has the postal code R0B and is known as the "Polar Bear Capital of the World." Churchill is famous for its incredible wildlife, including polar bears, beluga whales, and diverse bird species. The R0B postal code facilitates efficient mail delivery within Churchill, supporting the needs of residents and businesses in this unique northern community.

Apart from these communities, Northern Manitoba is also home to several remote First Nations communities, each with their own postal codes. These communities, such as Norway House (postal code R0B) and Cross Lake (postal code R0B), are located in pristine natural settings and have their own distinct cultures and traditions. The postal codes assigned to these communities ensure that mail reaches residents in these remote areas, contributing to the connectivity and communication within Northern Manitoba.

Northern Manitoba's vastness and rugged beauty make it a unique and captivating region. With its diverse ecosystems, including taiga forests, tundra, and countless lakes and rivers, the region offers opportunities for outdoor adventure, wildlife observation, and exploration. It is a place where residents and visitors can truly experience the wonders of untouched wilderness.

In conclusion, Northern Manitoba is a remarkable region with a range of postal codes assigned to its diverse communities. The postal codes, such as R8N for Thompson, R8A for Flin Flon, and R0B for Churchill, ensure efficient mail delivery and connectivity within the region. Northern Manitoba's pristine wilderness, remote communities, and unique natural attractions make it an awe-inspiring part of the province.

Northern Manitoba ZIP Code

Name : Northern Manitoba

Postal Code : R0B

Province : Manitoba (MB)

Country : Canada

Continent : North America





Northern Manitoba


R0B 0C9, R0B 0B0

Northern Manitoba


R0B 0B6, R0B 0E0

Northern Manitoba


R0B 0L0, R0B 0B8

Northern Manitoba

Lac Brochet

R0B 2E0

Northern Manitoba

Leaf Rapids

R0B 0B1, R0B 1W0

Northern Manitoba

Lynn Lake

R0B 0B7, R0B 0W0

Northern Manitoba


R0B 0C7, R0B 1G0

Northern Manitoba


R0B 0C6, R0B 1K0

Northern Manitoba

South Indian Lake

R0B 0C8, R0B 1N0

Northern Manitoba

Tadoule Lake

R0B 2C0