List of Qikiqtaaluk Region Postal Code Complete

The easternmost, northernmost, and southernmost administrative regions of Canada's Nunavut are known as the Qikiqtaaluk Region, Qikiqtani Region, or the Baffin Region. Baffin Island's traditional Inuktitut name is Qikiqtaaluk. Prior to the 2021 Canadian census, Statistics Canada utilized the outdated term Baffin Region, even though the Qikiqtaaluk Region is the name that is most frequently used in official contexts. The ZIP code for Qikiqtaaluk is X0A. The province of Nunavut in Canada is where this county is situated. Find the code and the location to learn more about the list of postal codes or ZIP codes in Qikiqtaaluk.

The Qikiqtaaluk Region, also known as the Baffin Region, is the largest and easternmost region in Nunavut, Canada. This vast and remote area encompasses numerous communities scattered across its diverse landscapes. Postal codes play a vital role in facilitating mail delivery and organization within the Qikiqtaaluk Region, connecting residents, businesses, and organizations across this expansive territory.

Each community within the Qikiqtaaluk Region has its own unique set of postal codes. These codes are designed to ensure accurate and efficient mail routing, helping to direct mail and packages to the intended recipients within each community. Let's explore some of the major communities in the Qikiqtaaluk Region and their corresponding postal codes:

Iqaluit: As the capital city of Nunavut, Iqaluit has its own postal codes to facilitate mail delivery within the community. The postal codes in Iqaluit typically start with the prefix X0A, followed by a combination of numbers and letters that specify different areas within the city.

Pangnirtung: This picturesque community, known for its stunning landscapes and rich Inuit culture, also has its own set of postal codes. Postal codes for Pangnirtung usually begin with the prefix X0A, followed by a unique combination of numbers and letters that help ensure accurate delivery of mail and packages.

Pond Inlet: Located on the northern tip of Baffin Island, Pond Inlet has its specific postal codes to support efficient mail delivery within the community. Postal codes in Pond Inlet typically start with the prefix X0A, followed by a combination of numbers and letters that identify different areas within the community.

Clyde River: This vibrant community, situated on the northeastern coast of Baffin Island, has its designated postal codes. Postal codes in Clyde River usually start with the prefix X0A, followed by a unique combination of numbers and letters that assist in directing mail and packages to the appropriate destinations within the community.

Arctic Bay: As one of the northernmost communities in Nunavut, Arctic Bay has its own set of postal codes. These codes, starting with the prefix X0A, play a crucial role in ensuring accurate mail delivery within the community, connecting residents and businesses with the wider region.

These are just a few examples of communities within the Qikiqtaaluk Region, and each community has its own specific postal codes. These codes are subject to change, and it is advisable to verify the most up-to-date information with local postal authorities or service providers.

The unique postal addressing system in place within the Qikiqtaaluk Region is essential for effective communication, commerce, and connectivity. Despite the challenges posed by the remote and vast nature of the region, postal codes contribute to ensuring that mail and packages reach their intended destinations accurately and in a timely manner.

Qikiqtaaluk Region ZIP Postal Code

Name : Qikiqtaaluk

Postal Code : X0A

Province : Nunavut (NU)

Country : Canada

Continent : North America






Arctic Bay

X0A 0B3, X0A 0A0


Cape Dorset

X0A 0B2, X0A 0C0


Clyde River

X0A 0A7, X0A 0E0



X0A 0G0


Grise Fiord

X0A 0A8, X0A 0J0


Hall Beach

X0A 0A6, X0A 0K0



X0A 0B4, X0A 0L0



X0A 0A1, X0A 0H0



X0A 0B1, X0A 0N0



X0A 0A4, X0A 0R0


Pond Inlet

X0A 0A5, X0A 0S0



X0A 0A9, X0A 0B0



X0A 0V0, X0A 0A2



X0A 0A3, X0A 0W0