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One of the six census divisions used by Statistics Canada in the Canadian Northwest Territories is referred to as Region 1. The old census divisions of Fort Smith Region and Inuvik Region—the latter not to be confused with the contemporary administrative region of the same name—were eliminated as a result of their introduction in the 2011 census, along with Regions 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. Census divisions in the Northwest Territories do not correspond to how local government is set up, in contrast to several other provinces. These zones don't have their own government; they only exist for data analysis and presentation. Its geographic scope is the same as the Inuvik Region administrative region, which is a bit smaller than the corresponding previous census division. X0E is a region 1 ZIP code. This county is situated in the Canadian province of the Northwest Territories, in North America. Find the code and the location on the list of Postal codes or ZIP codes in Region 1 for additional information.

In the Northwest Territories of Canada, Region 1 encompasses several communities with their own specific ZIP postal codes. These codes are essential for organizing and facilitating mail delivery within this particular region. Region 1 is known for its diverse landscapes, remote settlements, and cultural richness.

The ZIP postal codes in Region 1 follow a similar pattern. They typically begin with the letter "X" to indicate that they correspond to the Northwest Territories. This is followed by a numeric code that designates the specific region within the territory. In the case of Region 1, these codes often start with the numbers "0" or "1". The subsequent characters, a combination of letters and numbers, further refine the location, allowing postal workers to accurately sort and deliver mail to the correct destinations.

Within Region 1, there are numerous communities that each have their own distinct ZIP postal codes. These codes ensure that mail and packages are efficiently routed to the appropriate destinations. Some of the communities in Region 1 include Yellowknife, the capital city of the Northwest Territories, as well as smaller settlements like Behchokǫ̀, Dettah, Fort Resolution, and Fort Smith. Each community is assigned its unique ZIP postal code to ensure accurate and timely mail delivery.

The ZIP postal codes in Region 1 serve as more than just functional identifiers. They also reflect the vastness and diversity of the Northwest Territories. This region encompasses a mix of urban centers and remote communities, with a rich cultural heritage rooted in Indigenous traditions. The postal codes play a vital role in connecting these communities, bridging distances and facilitating communication.

Residents and businesses in Region 1 rely on these ZIP postal codes for a variety of purposes. They ensure that important correspondence, such as letters, bills, and packages, reach the intended recipients promptly and efficiently. Whether it is a small community nestled amidst breathtaking natural landscapes or a bustling urban center like Yellowknife, the ZIP postal codes contribute to the seamless functioning of the mail delivery system.

In summary, the ZIP postal codes of Region 1 in the Northwest Territories are integral to the organization and efficiency of mail delivery. They represent the unique communities within the region and enable communication and connectivity across vast distances. These codes not only serve a practical purpose but also reflect the cultural richness and diverse landscapes of the Northwest Territories.

Region 1 Northwest Territories ZIP Postal Code

Name : Region 1

Postal Code : X0E

Province : Northwest Territories (NT)

Country  : Canada

Continent : North America





Region 1


X0E 0B8, X0E 0A0, X0E 0A0

Region 1

Fort McPherson

X0E 0J0, X0E 0A3

Region 1


X0E 0T0, X0E 0A5

Region 1


X0E 0B6, X0E 1N0

Region 1

Sachs Harbour

X0E 0Z0

Region 1


X0E 0B0, X0E 0B2

Region 1


X0E 0A1, X0E 1C0

Region 1


X0E 0B5, X0E 0S0