List of Region 2 Northwest Territories Postal Code Complete

 One of the six census divisions used by Statistics Canada in the Canadian Northwest Territories is referred to as Region 2. The former census divisions of Fort Smith Region and Inuvik Region were eliminated as a result of its introduction in the 2011 census, along with Regions 1, 3, 4, 5, and 6. Census divisions in the Northwest Territories do not correspond to how local government is set up, in contrast to several other provinces. These zones don't have their own government; they only exist for data analysis and presentation. Its geographic scope closely resembles the Sahtu Region governmental region. X0E is a region 2 ZIP code. Find the ZIP code and the location to learn more about the Region 2 ZIP codes.

Colville Lake, located in Region 2 of the Northwest Territories, is a remote and picturesque community. Its postal codes, X0E 0B7 and X0E 1L0, help facilitate the efficient delivery of mail and packages to its residents. Nestled amidst breathtaking landscapes, Colville Lake offers a tranquil escape from the bustling urban centers. The first postal code, X0E 0B7, designates a specific area within Colville Lake, ensuring that mail reaches the correct destination. The second postal code, X0E 1L0, further refines the location, allowing for precise mail sorting. These postal codes play a vital role in connecting Colville Lake residents with the outside world, ensuring that correspondence reaches them in a timely manner.

Deline, also situated in Region 2, is a community rich in culture and history. With postal codes X0E 0G0 and X0E 0A6, mail delivery in Deline is well-organized. The postal code X0E 0G0 represents a distinct area within Deline, while X0E 0A6 narrows down the location further. Deline, known for its strong Indigenous heritage and stunning natural surroundings, relies on these postal codes for efficient mail service. They allow residents to receive letters, packages, and important documents promptly, connecting them to friends, family, and the broader world.

Fort Good Hope, another community in Region 2, embraces its postal codes, X0E 0H0 and X0E 0A2, for streamlined mail delivery. Fort Good Hope, with its unique cultural blend and close-knit community, depends on these codes to ensure the accurate distribution of mail. The postal code X0E 0H0 designates a specific area within Fort Good Hope, while X0E 0A2 provides further precision. By utilizing these postal codes, residents of Fort Good Hope can stay connected with the rest of the world, receiving essential correspondence that keeps them informed and connected.

Norman Wells, a vibrant community in Region 2, boasts postal codes X0E 0B4 and X0E 0V0. These codes are vital for efficient mail service in the area. Norman Wells, known for its scenic beauty and oil industry, relies on these postal codes to ensure accurate delivery of mail and packages to its residents. X0E 0B4 designates a specific zone within Norman Wells, while X0E 0V0 further refines the location. These postal codes play a crucial role in keeping Norman Wells connected to the wider world, enabling residents to receive important correspondence, goods, and services with ease.

Tulita, nestled in Region 2 of the Northwest Territories, utilizes postal codes X0E 0K0 and X0E 0B3. These codes serve as an important link between Tulita and the postal service. X0E 0K0 represents a specific area within Tulita, while X0E 0B3 narrows down the location further. As a community surrounded by natural splendor and cultural heritage, Tulita relies on these postal codes to ensure the efficient and accurate delivery of mail. They enable residents to receive letters, packages, and other mail items promptly, ensuring that they remain connected to the broader community and beyond.

In summary, the communities of Colville Lake, Deline, Fort Good Hope, Norman Wells, and Tulita in Region 2 of the Northwest Territories each have their own distinct postal codes. 

Region 2 Northwest Territories ZIP Code

Name : Region 2

Postal Code : X0E

Province : Northwest Territories (NT)

Country : Canada

Continent : North America





Region 2

Colville Lake

X0E 0B7, X0E 1L0

Region 2


X0E 0G0, X0E 0A6

Region 2

Fort Good Hope

X0E 0H0, X0E 0A2

Region 2

Norman Wells

X0E 0B4, X0E 0V0

Region 2


X0E 0K0, X0E 0B3