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One of the six census divisions used by Statistics Canada in the Canadian Northwest Territories is referred to as Region 4. Census divisions in the Northwest Territories do not correspond to how local government is set up, in contrast to several other provinces. These zones don't have their own government; they only exist for data analysis and presentation. The Dehcho Region and the westernmost portion of the South Slave Region, which is headquartered on Fort Providence and located west of Great Slave Lake, closely correspond to its territory. The ZIP codes X0E and X0G are in region 4. This county is situated in the Canadian province of the Northwest Territories, in North America. Find the code and the location to learn more about the Postal or ZIP codes in Region 4.

Region 4 in the Northwest Territories of Canada encompasses a vast and diverse area, characterized by its stunning landscapes, rich wildlife, and vibrant communities. Within this region, various postal codes are assigned to different locations, ensuring efficient mail delivery and communication for residents and businesses alike.

Starting with postal code range X0A-X0B, we find ourselves in the breathtaking Inuvik region. Situated in the western part of the Northwest Territories, Inuvik is renowned for its unique location above the Arctic Circle. The postal codes in this area serve not only the town of Inuvik itself but also the surrounding villages and hamlets. From the bustling streets of Inuvik to the tranquil communities nestled along the banks of the Mackenzie River, this region showcases the resilience and resourcefulness of the people who call it home.

Moving eastward, we come across the communities encompassed by postal code range X0C-X0E. Here, we find ourselves in the Sahtu region, which includes several picturesque settlements, such as Norman Wells, Fort Good Hope, and Colville Lake. This region is known for its stunning natural beauty, including the pristine waters of Great Bear Lake and the rugged peaks of the Mackenzie Mountains. Despite the remote nature of these communities, the postal code system ensures that residents can stay connected with the rest of the country and receive essential services.

Continuing our journey, we enter the Dehcho region, represented by postal codes in the X0G-X0H range. This region is characterized by its proximity to the majestic Nahanni National Park Reserve, a UNESCO World Heritage Site famous for its deep canyons, towering waterfalls, and diverse wildlife. The communities in the Dehcho region, such as Fort Simpson and Fort Liard, are small but vibrant, with a strong connection to the land and a deep respect for their Indigenous heritage. Postal codes play a crucial role in enabling these communities to stay connected and receive essential goods and services.

Further east, we reach the South Slave region, which encompasses postal codes in the X0J-X0K range. This region is home to the bustling town of Fort Smith, nestled on the banks of the mighty Slave River. With its rich history and vibrant arts scene, Fort Smith serves as a hub for the surrounding communities, including Hay River and Enterprise. The South Slave region offers a range of recreational opportunities, from fishing and boating on the Great Slave Lake to hiking and camping in the nearby Wood Buffalo National Park. Postal codes ensure that residents in this region can stay in touch with their neighbors and receive mail and packages promptly.

As we venture even further east, we encounter the North Slave region, represented by postal codes in the X1A-X1C range. This region includes the capital city of Yellowknife, a vibrant and cosmopolitan center nestled on the shores of the stunning Great Slave Lake. Yellowknife is a thriving hub of economic activity and cultural diversity, attracting residents from various backgrounds. With its modern infrastructure and bustling downtown core, the city serves as a hub for government, industry, and tourism in the Northwest Territories. The postal codes in this region ensure efficient mail delivery to both urban areas and the nearby communities of Dettah and Ndilo.

In conclusion, the postal codes in Region 4 of the Northwest Territories play a vital role in connecting and supporting the diverse communities spread across this vast and breathtaking landscape. From the remote villages of the Arctic Circle to the vibrant urban center of Yellowknife, these postal codes enable residents and businesses to communicate, receive essential services, and stay connected with the rest of Canada.

Region 4 Northwest Territories ZIP Code
Name : Region 4
Postal Code : X0E, X0G
Province : Northwest Territories (NT)
Country : Canada
Continent : North America





Region 4

Fort Liard

X0G 0A0, X0G 0A1

Region 4

Fort Providence

X0E 0A7, X0E 0L0

Region 4

Fort Simpson

X0E 0B1, X0E 0N0

Region 4

Trout Lake

X0E 1Z0

Region 4


X0E 1E0