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One of the six census divisions used by Statistics Canada in the Canadian Northwest Territories is referred to as Region 5. Census divisions in the Northwest Territories do not correspond to how local government is set up, in contrast to several other provinces. These zones don't have their own government; they only exist for data analysis and presentation. Its territory nearly encircles the majority of the South Slave Region administrative region, but it excludes the region's westernmost point, Fort Providence, west of Great Slave Lake. X0E is a region 5 ZIP code.  Find the code and the location on the list of Postal codes or ZIP codes in Region 5 for additional information.

Region 5 in the Northwest Territories of Canada encompasses a vast and diverse area, featuring unique communities, breathtaking landscapes, and a rich cultural heritage. Within this region, various postal codes are assigned to different locations, facilitating efficient mail delivery and communication for residents and businesses.

Beginning with the postal code range X0L-X0M, we delve into the stunning landscape of the Sahtu region. This region is known for its pristine wilderness, encompassing towering mountains, serene rivers, and vast expanses of boreal forests. The communities within this region, including Tulita, Deline, and Fort Norman, showcase the resilience and deep connection to the land exhibited by the local Indigenous peoples. Postal codes play a crucial role in ensuring that residents in these remote areas can stay connected and receive essential mail and services.

Continuing eastward, we arrive at the communities within the Beaufort Delta region, represented by postal codes in the X0E-X0J range. This region is characterized by its proximity to the Arctic Ocean and the abundant wildlife that inhabits the coastal and tundra areas. The town of Tuktoyaktuk, with its unique location on the shores of the Beaufort Sea, stands as a testament to the ingenuity and adaptability of the local Inuvialuit people. Postal codes enable residents in this region, including Aklavik, Fort McPherson, and Paulatuk, to stay connected with the rest of the country and receive mail and essential supplies.

Moving further east, we enter the North Slave region, encompassing postal codes in the X0N-X0P range. This region encompasses communities such as Lutselk'e, Gameti, and Wekweeti. Nestled amidst pristine lakes and dense forests, these communities offer a tranquil and picturesque setting for residents and visitors alike. The North Slave region is home to traditional Indigenous cultures and a vibrant arts scene, providing a unique glimpse into the rich heritage of the area. Postal codes ensure that residents in these remote communities can receive mail and packages, bridging the geographical distances that separate them from larger urban centers.

Next, we arrive at the vibrant and bustling city of Yellowknife, located in the South Slave region. Represented by postal codes in the X1A-X1C range, Yellowknife serves as the capital of the Northwest Territories. This cosmopolitan city is situated on the shores of the stunning Great Slave Lake and offers a thriving arts and cultural scene, along with a diverse range of industries. With its modern infrastructure, vibrant downtown core, and proximity to natural wonders, Yellowknife attracts residents from all walks of life. Postal codes in this region ensure efficient mail delivery for both urban areas and the nearby communities of Dettah and Ndilo.

In conclusion, the postal codes in Region 5 of the Northwest Territories play a vital role in connecting and supporting the diverse communities spread across this vast and awe-inspiring landscape. From the remote villages of the Sahtu and Beaufort Delta regions to the vibrant urban center of Yellowknife, these postal codes enable residents and businesses to communicate, receive essential services, and stay connected with the rest of Canada.

Region 5 Northwest Territories ZIP Code

Name : Region 5

Postal Code : X0E

Province : Northwest Territories (NT)

Country : Canada

Continent : North America





Region 5


X0E 0R1

Region 5

Fort Resolution

X0E 0A8, X0E 0M0

Region 5

Fort Smith

X0E 0P0, X0E 0A4

Region 5

Hay River


Region 5


X0E 1A0