List of South Interlake Manitoba Postal Code Complete

R0C and R0H are the South Interlake ZIP codes. This County is situated in North America's Canadian province of Manitoba. Find the code and the location to get more information about the South Interlake postal codes or ZIP codes.

South Interlake is a picturesque region located in the southern part of Manitoba, Canada. Known for its stunning landscapes, fertile farmland, and charming communities, the ZIP postal codes within South Interlake play a vital role in facilitating mail delivery and organization across this scenic area.

South Interlake encompasses several towns, villages, and rural areas, each with its own unique ZIP postal codes. These codes serve as crucial identifiers, ensuring that mail is accurately sorted and promptly delivered to the various communities within the region.

One notable community in South Interlake is Stonewall, which has the postal code R0C. Stonewall is a thriving town that combines small-town charm with modern amenities. Surrounded by rolling hills and agricultural fields, Stonewall offers residents and visitors a peaceful and close-knit community. The R0C postal code ensures efficient mail delivery within Stonewall, connecting residents and businesses and supporting the local economy.

Another significant community in South Interlake is Teulon, which shares the postal code R0C. Teulon is a vibrant rural town known for its friendly atmosphere and strong community spirit. Nestled among beautiful prairies and scenic lakes, Teulon offers a range of recreational activities and a high quality of life. The R0C postal code ensures accurate mail delivery and efficient communication within Teulon, fostering connectivity and supporting the community's growth and development.

South Interlake is also home to various rural areas and smaller communities, each with its own postal codes. These areas, such as Argyle (postal code R0C) and Woodlands (postal code R0C), are characterized by their peaceful countryside settings and agricultural landscapes. The postal codes assigned to these areas ensure that mail reaches residents, farmers, and businesses in these rural communities, contributing to their connectivity and supporting their unique way of life.

The South Interlake region is known for its agricultural heritage and natural beauty. The area's fertile soil supports a thriving agricultural industry, with farms producing crops, livestock, and other agricultural products. Additionally, South Interlake offers stunning natural attractions, including scenic trails, picturesque lakes, and wildlife habitats. It is a region where residents and visitors can appreciate the beauty of the outdoors and enjoy activities such as hiking, fishing, and bird-watching.

In conclusion, South Interlake is a captivating region in Manitoba with a range of ZIP postal codes assigned to its various communities and rural areas. These postal codes, such as R0C for Stonewall and Teulon, ensure efficient mail delivery, support communication within the region, and contribute to the overall connectivity and development of South Interlake. With its breathtaking landscapes, strong community ties, and agricultural heritage, South Interlake offers a wonderful place to live, work, and explore.

South Interlake Manitoba ZIP Code

Name : South Interlake

Postal Code : R0C, R0H

Province : Manitoba (MB)

Country : Canada

Continent : North America





South Interlake


R0C 0E5, R0C 0B0

South Interlake


R0C 0B6, R0C 0H0

South Interlake

Grosse Isle

R0C 1G0

South Interlake


R0C 0C3, R0C 1H0

South Interlake


R0C 0B4, R0C 1R0

South Interlake

Lake Francis

R0C 0G2, R0C 1T0

South Interlake


R0H 0V0

South Interlake


R0H 0A1, R0H 1E0

South Interlake



South Interlake

Stony Mountain

R0C 0E8, R0C 3A0

South Interlake


R0C 0E6, R0C 3B0

South Interlake


R0C 0C2, R0C 3E0

South Interlake


R0C 0A6, R0C 3H0