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Ontario, a province in Canada, is headquartered in Toronto. It is the fourth most populous city in North America and the most populous city in Canada. The city serves as the focal point of the Golden Horseshoe that encircles Lake Ontario's western end. Toronto is one of the most diverse and cosmopolitan cities in the world and a major international hub for commerce, finance, the arts, sports, and culture. L4K through M9W are the City of Toronto's ZIP codes. This city can be found in the Canadian province of Ontario in North America. Find the code and the location to get more information about the list of postal codes or ZIP codes in the City of Toronto.

Toronto, often referred to as the "GTA" (Greater Toronto Area), is the largest city in Canada and a vibrant hub of cultural diversity, economic activity, and urban life. The city is organized into several distinct neighborhoods, each with its own unique character and charm. The postal code system in Toronto plays a crucial role in efficiently delivering mail and organizing the city's diverse landscape.

Toronto's postal codes follow a pattern of alphanumeric characters that provide precise location information. The most common format begins with the letter "M," signifying the province of Ontario, followed by a numeric and alphabetic combination. For instance, postal codes in central Toronto often start with "M5," representing the downtown core and surrounding areas. This encompasses iconic neighborhoods like the Entertainment District, the Financial District, and the Fashion District. The M5 postal codes are home to a dynamic blend of residential, commercial, and cultural spaces, with high-rise buildings, shopping centers, theaters, restaurants, and art galleries dotting the streets.

Moving outward from the city center, other postal code prefixes come into play. The "M4" prefix represents the central and eastern portions of Toronto, including neighborhoods such as Rosedale, Riverdale, Leslieville, and the Beaches. The M4 postal codes are known for their charming residential streets, tree-lined avenues, and a mix of historic homes and modern dwellings. These areas boast a strong sense of community, with local shops, cafes, parks, and cultural venues contributing to their vibrant and welcoming atmosphere.

In the western part of the city, the "M6" prefix identifies neighborhoods such as the Junction, High Park, Bloor West Village, and Roncesvalles. The M6 postal codes are characterized by their mix of residential streets, parks, and commercial strips. These areas are known for their family-friendly environment, diverse cultural offerings, and bustling retail corridors. Residents and visitors can enjoy exploring local businesses, restaurants, and green spaces while experiencing the unique character of each neighborhood.

Beyond these core areas, Toronto's postal code system extends to cover the entire city, including its numerous suburbs and surrounding municipalities. Each postal code represents a distinct area with its own set of amenities, community services, and attractions. The postal codes ensure efficient mail delivery to residents, businesses, and institutions throughout the city, facilitating communication, commerce, and connectivity.

Moreover, the postal codes reflect the city's commitment to inclusivity and diversity. Toronto is renowned for its multiculturalism, with a mosaic of cultures and ethnicities represented in its neighborhoods. The postal codes serve as a geographic representation of this diversity, allowing individuals and communities to maintain their unique identities while being part of the larger fabric of the city.

In conclusion, Toronto's postal code system is a vital component of the city's infrastructure. It organizes the vast and diverse urban landscape, facilitating efficient mail delivery and providing a framework for navigation and connectivity. The system reflects Toronto's vibrant neighborhoods, cultural richness, and commitment to inclusivity. Whether it's the bustling downtown core, the charming residential areas, or the thriving suburban communities, the postal codes of Toronto play a crucial role in ensuring the smooth functioning of the city and contributing to its distinct character and identity.

Toronto City Ontario ZIP Postal Code

Name : City of Toronto

Postal Code : L4K – M9W

Province : Ontario (ON)

Country : Canada

Continent : North America









East York

M3C, M4A, M4B, M4C, M4G, M4H, M4J, M4K, M4P, M4W



M8V, M8W, M8X, M8Y, M8Z, M9A, M9B, M9C, M9P, M9R, M9V, M9W


North York

M1L – M9N



M1B – M4E



M3C – M9N



M5P, M6B, M6C, M6M, M6S, M9N