Lincoln Leadership Academy: Need Several Position

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Lincoln Leadership Academy - Lincoln Leadership Academy has opened job vacancy for several positions in this summer season. The positions needed consist of class teacher, outdoor activity guide, part time and full time book keeper, and cleaning service. Lincoln Leadership Academy is charter school in Cedar Street, Allentown. This school named after Abraham Lincoln because the public building is used to be one of Lincoln’s historical places. The school is a kind of leadership public school which opens for elementary and middle age stage. The mainstay programs held by this school are arts and athletics.

Lincoln Leadership Academy: Need Several Position

The benefits of being the Lincoln Leadership Academy team are described with this following explanation. First, you will get insurance of health, insurance of pension, insurance of accident, and life insurance. Second, the salary is going to increase gradually as far as you concern to make good achievements in workplace. Third, you also can get full health facilities during work there, even if you are sick out where. There is also disability service for employee who has any disabilities. Every employee here has the same right in getting school facilities.

So, if you are interested in being staff here, you can visit their website to apply your job applications. The job applications must consist of curriculum vitae, educational background, resume, last certificate of educational degree (bachelor and master are accepted), recent photos, and brief essay to describe your motivation in joining the school. You can simply send your applications to Mrs. Benjamin by email and make sure to create it as pdf extension. If you prefer to submit by post, you can also send the admission to Lincoln Leadership Academy school; number 1414 Cedar Street, Allentown, PA. The code postal is 18109. After sending the applications, you need to complete the online form in the website. The last thing you need to do is waiting for the selection.

Lincoln Leadership Academy: Nurturing Tomorrow's Leaders

The pursuit of leadership excellence has been a constant endeavor throughout history, and in the realm of education, institutions like the Lincoln Leadership Academy have played a vital role in shaping tomorrow's leaders. Named after one of the United States' most iconic leaders, Abraham Lincoln, the Lincoln Leadership Academy stands as a beacon for leadership development. In this article, we will delve into the essence of the Lincoln Leadership Academy and the impact it has on its students.

The Legacy of Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President of the United States, is celebrated for his visionary leadership during one of the most tumultuous periods in American history – the Civil War. His unwavering commitment to justice, equality, and the preservation of the Union set a standard for leadership that transcends time. The Lincoln Leadership Academy draws inspiration from his legacy, aiming to produce leaders who embody Lincoln's values of honesty, integrity, and a dedication to the greater good.

A Holistic Approach to Leadership

The Lincoln Leadership Academy takes a holistic approach to leadership development. It recognizes that leaders are not born; they are made through education, experience, and mentorship. The academy offers a comprehensive curriculum that goes beyond traditional academic subjects. It includes elements of character education, communication skills, ethical decision-making, and community engagement.

Key Pillars of Lincoln Leadership Academy

Character Education: The foundation of leadership is character. The academy instills in its students the importance of integrity, honesty, and moral courage. These principles are taught not only through classroom discussions but also by providing opportunities for students to apply them in real-world situations.
Effective Communication: Communication is a cornerstone of leadership. Students at the Lincoln Leadership Academy learn to articulate their ideas clearly, listen actively, and develop empathy in their interactions. Effective communication is essential for rallying support and inspiring others.
Ethical Decision-Making: Leaders often face complex ethical dilemmas. The academy equips its students with the skills to analyze situations, make moral decisions, and understand the consequences of their choices.
Community Engagement: Beyond the classroom, students are encouraged to engage with their local communities. This practical experience in community service and outreach helps them understand the importance of leadership in creating positive change.
Impact on Students

The Lincoln Leadership Academy has a profound impact on its students. Graduates of the academy not only excel academically but also exhibit exceptional leadership qualities. They become agents of change in their communities, promoting social responsibility and ethical leadership. The academy's alumni often go on to become influential leaders in various fields, including politics, business, education, and social activism.


The Lincoln Leadership Academy stands as a testament to the enduring influence of Abraham Lincoln's leadership legacy. By nurturing leaders who embody integrity, effective communication, ethical decision-making, and community engagement, the academy contributes to a brighter future. As we look ahead, we can be inspired by the academy's commitment to fostering leaders who will, in turn, inspire and shape the world around them. In this way, the Lincoln Leadership Academy plays a vital role in ensuring that the principles of integrity and leadership continue to guide us into a better future.