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Southeast of the island nation of Samoa in the South Pacific Ocean is the unincorporated territory of the United States known as American Samoa. It is situated at 14.3°S and 170.7°W. It is located east of the IDL, while Samoa is located west of it. The entire land area is 199 km2, which is somewhat larger than Washington, D.C. (76.8 sq mi). Along with the uninhabited Jarvis Island, American Samoa is the only American territory south of the equator and the country's southernmost territory overall. The principal exports are tuna goods, and the rest of the US is the main trading partner.

American Samoa ZIP  Code
American Samoa has 1 unique ZIP Codes spread among its 1 unique localities. The postal code for PAGO PAGO, AS is 96799. Along with the essential details, it also provides the complete ZIP code and address for ZIP code 96799. Additionally, there is additional data on ZIP Code 96799.

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ZIP Code 5

AS - American Samoa

Western District



American Samoa, located in the South Pacific Ocean, is an unincorporated territory of the United States. While American Samoa does not have traditional ZIP codes like those found on the mainland United States, it has its own unique postal code system known as AS Zip. AS Zip codes are used exclusively for mail delivery within the territory.
AS Zip codes in American Samoa consist of five digits, starting with the prefix "96799". This prefix is followed by a specific code for each village or area within American Samoa. AS Zip codes help streamline the mail delivery process by providing a precise identifier for each location, ensuring that letters and packages are delivered to the correct destinations efficiently.
In American Samoa, AS Zip codes are particularly important due to the archipelago's scattered geography and numerous villages. Each code represents a specific village or area, ensuring that mail is accurately sorted and delivered to the appropriate local post office. From the capital city of Pago Pago to smaller villages like Tafuna and Utulei, AS Zip codes ensure that mail reaches residents and businesses throughout American Samoa in a timely manner.
While AS Zip codes primarily facilitate mail delivery, they are also used for administrative and logistical purposes within American Samoa. Government agencies, businesses, and organizations rely on these codes for various applications, such as census data collection, emergency services coordination, and the organization of resources and services across the territory.
In summary, American Samoa's AS Zip code system plays a vital role in the territory's mail delivery and logistical operations. These unique five-digit codes provide precise identifiers for villages and areas within American Samoa, ensuring efficient mail sorting and delivery. AS Zip codes are an essential component of the territory's postal infrastructure, allowing for accurate and reliable mail services for residents, businesses, and organizations throughout American Samoa.

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