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The third most populated city in Scotland is Aberdeen, which is located in the north-east of the country. With a 2020 population estimate of 198,590 for the city of Aberdeen and 227,560 for the local council area, Aberdeen, one of Scotland's 32 local government council areas (also known as Aberdeen City), will rank as the 39th most populous built-up region in the United Kingdom. The city is the most northern major city in the United Kingdom and is located 398 miles (641 kilometers) north of London and 93 miles (150 kilometers) northeast of Edinburgh. With its long, sandy coastline and oceanic climate, Aberdeen experiences temperate summers and moderate, rainy winters.

In Scotland, the postal code system is referred to as the "postcode" system. Aberdeen, often called the Granite City, is a vibrant and historic city located in the northeast region of Scotland. The postal codes in Aberdeen, like the rest of the United Kingdom, follow a specific format known as the "AB" postcode area.

The AB postcode area covers a wide geographic region, including Aberdeen and the surrounding areas. Within this area, different postal codes are assigned to specific neighborhoods, streets, or areas to ensure accurate sorting and efficient mail delivery.

The postal codes in Aberdeen start with the prefix "AB" followed by two additional alphanumeric characters. For example, the postal code for the city center of Aberdeen may be represented as "AB10", while other areas within the city may have different codes such as "AB11", "AB12", and so on. Each specific code corresponds to a particular locality or district within Aberdeen.

The use of postal codes in Aberdeen is crucial for the efficient functioning of the postal service. It helps ensure that mail items, including letters, parcels, and packages, are directed to the correct destination within the city. Including the accurate postal code on correspondence is essential for prompt and accurate delivery.

To find the correct postal code for a specific address in Aberdeen, individuals and businesses can refer to official postal code directories or use online postcode lookup tools provided by the Royal Mail or other postal services. These resources allow users to enter an address or location and obtain the corresponding postal code.

The postcode system in Aberdeen, and throughout the United Kingdom, plays a vital role in facilitating effective communication, enabling reliable mail delivery, and supporting various logistical operations. It is an essential component of addressing and ensures that mail is efficiently delivered to the appropriate locations in Aberdeen, contributing to the smooth flow of correspondence and services in the city.

Aberdeen ZIP Code

Postcode areas: AB10, AB11, AB12, AB13, AB15, AB16, AB21, AB22, AB23, AB24, AB25

Post town: Aberdeen

Area code(s): 01224

Population: 200820

Elevation: 21m (69ft)

County: Aberdeen City

Country: Scotland

Aberdeen postal code

Aberden Address format: W N St, Aberdeen AB24, UK

Aberdeen postal code: AB24

Other Aberdeen postal codes

Aberdeen AB10, AB11, AB12, AB15, AB16 (..)

Aberdeen Airport AB21

Altens AB12

Altens Industrial Estate AB12

Bankhead AB21

Bieldside AB15

Bridge of Dee AB12

Bridge of Don AB22, AB23

Bridge of Don Industrial Estate AB23

Bucksburn AB21

Cove AB12

Cove Bay AB12

Craibstone AB21

Craigiebuckler AB15

Cults AB15

Danestone AB22

Dyce AB21

East Tullos Industrial Estate AB12

Gateway Business Park AB12

Grandholm AB22

Hazlehead AB15

Kingswells AB15

Kirkhill Industrial Estate AB21

Milltimber AB13

Newtondee Village AB15

Nigg AB12

Old Aberdeen AB24

Persley AB22

Peterculter AB14

Pitfodels AB15

Pitmedden Industrial Estate AB21

Prime Four Business Park AB15

Stoneywood AB21

Torry AB11

Upper Anguston AB14

Wellheads Industrial Estate AB21

West Tullos Industrial Estate AB12

Woodside AB24

Business & administrative Postcode

Aberdeen A A Laing, PO Box 97 AB10 1BH

Aberdeen Aberaid, PO Box 18277 AB21 1AJ

Aberdeen Aberdeen Aces, PO Box 18077 AB23 9AB

Aberdeen Aberdeen Box Office, PO Box 10290 AB10 1GS

Aberdeen Aberdeen City Centre Partnership AB24 5WA

Aberdeen Aberdeen City Council AB10 1AA, AB10 1AB, AB10 1AF, AB10 1AG, AB10 1AH (..)

Aberdeen Aberdeen City Heritage Trust, PO Box 10450 AB10 1WS

Aberdeen Aberdeen Endowments Trust AB25 1QF

Aberdeen Aberdeen F C Supporters Trust, PO Box 10497 AB12 9EL

Aberdeen Aberdeen Football Club, PO Box 18731 AB24 5WW

Aberdeen Aberdeen Football Club plc AB24 5QH

Aberdeen Aberdeen Formation Evaluation Society, PO Box 10494 AB12 9EG

Aberdeen Aberdeen Grammar School AB10 1HT

Aberdeen Aberdeen Group, PO Box 10372 AB12 3XY

Aberdeen Aberdeen Harbour Board AB11 5SS

Aberdeen Aberdeen Internet, PO Box 4444 AB12 3YT

Aberdeen Aberdeen Jobcentre Plus AB99 8AA

Aberdeen Aberdeen Journals Ltd, PO Box 10 AB15 6DA

Aberdeen Aberdeen Journals Ltd, PO Box 112 AB15 6UJ

Aberdeen Aberdeen Journals Ltd, PO Box 271 AB15 6AG

Aberdeen Aberdeen Journals Ltd, PO Box 35 AB15 6HR

Aberdeen Aberdeen Journals Ltd, PO Box 43 AB15 6DF

Aberdeen Aberdeen Maternity Hospital AB25 2ZL

Aberdeen Aberdeen Medals, PO Box 10524 AB12 9DU

Aberdeen Aberdeen & North East Scotland Transfusion Service AB25 2ZW

Aberdeen Aberdeen Royal Hospitals NHS Trust AB25 2ZA, AB25 2ZB

Aberdeen Aberdeen Royal Infirmary AB25 1GR, AB25 2ZN

Aberdeen Aberdeenshire Council AB16 5GB, AB16 5GJ, AB16 9SA, AB16 9SB, AB16 9SD

Aberdeen Accident Helpline Scotland, PO Box 10527 AB12 9DY

Aberdeen A C Morrison & Richards AB11 6XY

Aberdeen Adam & Co plc, PO Box 72 AB10 1YR

Aberdeen A & J Robertson (Granite) Ltd AB24 5JT

Aberdeen Albyn Hospital AB10 1RW

Aberdeen Albyn Medical Practice AB10 1NW

Aberdeen Albyn School Ltd AB15 4PB

Aberdeen Allan & Dey Ltd AB11 9BG

Aberdeen Arnold Clark Autos Ltd AB11 9HJ, AB16 6HT

Aberdeen Asco UK Ltd, PO Box 10288 AB11 5YL

Aberdeen Atholl Hotel AB15 4YN

Aberdeen Awareness Magazine, PO Box 18727 AB25 2ZU

Aberdeen Bain Henry Reid AB11 6YL

Aberdeen Balmoral Group Ltd AB12 3GY

Aberdeen Bank of Scotland AB10 1PY

Aberdeen Benefits Agency AB10 1ZU

Aberdeen Ben Reid & Co Ltd AB15 7AL

Aberdeen Blackadders AB11 6XU

Aberdeen Black & Lizars Ltd AB10 1GE

Aberdeen Bluebird Buses Ltd AB11 6GR

Aberdeen Booker Cash & Carry AB16 6YR

Aberdeen Boots The Chemists Ltd AB25 1UH

Aberdeen Brantax UK Ltd, PO Box 18092 AB23 9AW

Aberdeen British Broadcasting Corporation AB15 5ZT

Aberdeen British Telecom AB24 3UH

Aberdeen B Thomson, PO Box 10519 AB12 9DP

Aberdeen Burnett & Reid AB10 1WF

Aberdeen Camdon, PO Box 12118 AB16 9BN

Aberdeen Campbell Connon AB10 1YF

Aberdeen Capital Financial Management, PO Box 18200 AB10 1ZT

Aberdeen Carmelite Hotel AB11 6JU

Aberdeen Chevron AB15 6XL

AberdeenCity Hospital AB24 5AU

Aberdeen Class Ads UK Ltd, PO Box 66 AB15 6GW

Aberdeen Clydesdale Bank plc AB10 1WD

Aberdeen Contact Lens Direct, PO Box 10233 AB10 1WT

Aberdeen Delaton Ltd, PO Box 12103 AB16 9DJ

Aberdeen Delaton Ltd, PO Box 18715 AB25 1YD

Aberdeen Denburn West Practice AB25 1RQ

Aberdeen Department For Energy & Climate Change AB11 6AR

AberdeenDobbies Garden Centre AB15 6AX

Aberdeen Dutch Mill Hotel AB15 4NR

Aberdeen Envision Property Management, PO Box 10517 AB12 9DL

Aberdeen Exhibition Evolution Ltd, PO Box 18762 AB25 9AS

Aberdeen First Aberdeen Ltd AB24 5RP

Aberdeen First Point Assessment, PO Box 10225 AB12 3YS

Aberdeen First Shared Services Ltd, PO Box 10418 AB11 5YD

Aberdeen Foresterhill Health Centre AB25 2AY

Aberdeen Garthdee Medical Group AB10 7QQ

Aberdeen Gavin Lord-Gosh, PO Box 12016 AB16 5WL

Aberdeen G P D Aberdeen, PO Box 10424, Portlethen AB12 4XZ

Aberdeen G P D Aberdeen Ltd, PO Box 10425 AB10 7YA

AberdeenGrampian Fire & Rescue Service AB15 6TP

AberdeenGrampian Health Board AB25 2XF

AberdeenGrampian Healthcare NHS AB15 6XS

AberdeenGrampian Healthcare NHS Trust AB15 6LS

AberdeenGrampian Information, PO Box 12069 AB15 8WX

AberdeenGrampian Motor Training Trust, PO Box 10482 AB12 9BQ

AberdeenGrampian Police, PO Box 18493 AB24 5YF

AberdeenGrampian Police, PO Box 999 AB10 1ZX

AberdeenGrampian Valuation Joint Board AB16 5GE

AberdeenG W T Flow Productions Ltd, PO Box 10469 AB12 9AX

Aberdeen Halifax plc AB10 1WR

Aberdeen Harlaw Academy AB10 1RG

Aberdeen Health & Safety Executive AB25 3UB

Aberdeen Hilton Treetops Hotel AB15 7AQ

Aberdeen His Majestys Theatre AB25 1GL

Aberdeen H M Maritime & Coastguard Agency AB11 5EZ

Aberdeen H M Revenue & Customs AB10 1ZP

Aberdeen Hughes Offshore Ltd, PO Box 178 AB12 3GB

Aberdeen Hulse Rodger & Co, PO Box 10118 AB16 5WJ

Aberdeen Ian Bain, PO Box 127 AB11 9YQ

Aberdeen Isiyah, PO Box 18765 AB25 9AW

Aberdeen James Cocker & Sons AB15 6XH

Aberdeen James & George Collie AB11 6YQ

Aberdeen James Milne & Co AB11 6XZ

Aberdeen James Mutch Ltd AB24 5SN

Aberdeen James Shaw, PO Box 12124 AB16 9BU

Aberdeen Jamieson & Carry AB10 1GF

Aberdeen J C I Aberdeen, PO Box 10355 AB12 4WP

Aberdeen J Conn AB24 5TT

Aberdeen Jean Greenhowe Designs, PO Box 295 AB11 6NW

Aberdeen nJenkins & Marr AB11 6XH

AberdeenJewson Ltd AB25 3LB

AberdeenJ L Archibald & Sons Ltd AB10 6LQ

Aberdeen Jobcentre Plus, PO Box 10374 AB10 1TW

Aberdeen Jobcentre Plus AB99 8AB, AB99 8AF

Aberdeen John Lewis plc AB25 1BW

Aberdeen John Menzies (GB) Ltd AB10 1PD

Aberdeen Johnston Carmichael LLP AB10 1FX

Aberdeen J Short AB10 1PN

Aberdeen Keyline Builders Merchants Ltd AB11 5HW

Aberdeen Kincorth Medical Centre AB12 5JW

Aberdeen Knowles Food Services AB24 5DT

Aberdeen K P M G AB10 1JB

Aberdeen Laurie & Co Solicitors LLP AB10 1PU

Aberdeen Ledingham Chalmers LLP AB10 1HA

Aberdeen Leonard Lawson, PO Box 18477 AB25 1ZA

Aberdeen Lloyds TSB Bank plc AB10 1WH

Aberdeen Mackie & Dewar AB11 6YP

Aberdeen Mackie Ramsay & Taylor AB10 1QA

Aberdeen Marks & Spencer plc AB10 1BU

Aberdeen Maziere Assignments Ltd, PO Box 12078 AB16 9AP

Aberdeen McConechys Tyres AB11 6FH

Aberdeen McDonald Court Residents Association, PO Box 18742 AB24 3WU

Aberdeen Mearns & Gill Advertising Ltd AB10 1PP

Aberdeen Medical Sociology Research Unit AB25 2ZE

Aberdeen Mile End Primary School AB15 5LT

Aberdeen Miss S Duncan, PO Box 166 AB22 8QG

Aberdeen Mohammad Amin, PO Box 10333 AB10 1ZG

Aberdeen Mood Dating Ltd, PO Box 18766 AB25 9AX

Aberdeen M O R Hands, PO Box 18744 AB24 3WT

Aberdeen Mudvac North Sea Ltd AB11 5FW

Aberdeen Nationwide Bldg Soc AB10 1PA

Aberdeen Neptune Marine Services Ltd, PO Box 128 AB12 3EU

Aberdeen Network Rail Ltd AB11 6RT

Aberdeen NHS Grampian AB15 6RE, AB25 2XH

Aberdeen NHS Grampian Occupational Health Service AB25 2ZY

Aberdeen North East Scotland College AB25 1BN

Aberdeen Northfield Academy AB16 7AU

Aberdeen Northlink Ferries Ltd AB11 5NP

Aberdeen Northsleep Ltd AB24 5TA

Aberdeen N & S Stevenson, PO Box 10516 AB12 9DJ

Aberdeen Oldmachar Medical Practice AB24 5RS

Aberdeen Palm Court Hotel AB15 7YX

Aberdeen Parking Services, PO Box 10505 AB12 9EW

Aberdeen Paull & Williamsons AB10 1DQ

Aberdeen Peterkins AB10 1QR

Aberdeen Police Scotland AB10 1ZA

Aberdeen Portlethen Medical, PO Box 10475 AB12 9BF

Aberdeen PO S I S, PO Box 10192 AB11 6ZF

Aberdeen Post Office AB11 6AZ

Aberdeen Prise Merchandise UK Ltd, PO Box 12122 AB16 9BS

Aberdeen Procurator Fiscal AB11 6QA

Aberdeen Raeburn Christie Clark & Wallace AB10 1PS

Aberdeen Rescue Emergency Care, PO Box 18763 AB25 9AT

Aberdeen Robert Gordon College AB10 1FE

Aberdeen Robert Gordon University AB10 7QG

Aberdeen Robertson Construction Eastern Ltd AB16 6NB

Aberdeen Rock Mech, PO Box 12091 AB16 9BE

Aberdeen Royal Aberdeen Childrens Hospital AB25 2ZG

Aberdeen Royal Cornhill Hospital AB25 2ZH

Aberdeen Royal Hotel AB11 6BJ

Aberdeen Royal Mail AB16 6WW, AB25 3BB

Aberdeen Rubislaw Place Medical Group AB10 1QB

Aberdeen Salt & Light, PO Box 12112 AB16 9DW

Aberdeen Santander UK plc AB11 6WT

Aberdeen Scotrail Railways Ltd AB11 6GQ

Aberdeen Scottish Executive AB11 9DB

Aberdeen Scottish Health Council AB25 2XG

Aberdeen Scottish Hydro Electric plc AB10 1LG

Aberdeen Scottish & Southern Energy AB16 5NY

Aberdeen S E A Personnel Services Ltd, PO Box 10394 AB11 5ZH

Aberdeen Sgsproperty.Com, PO Box 12079 AB16 9AQ

Aberdeen Shell UK Ltd AB15 6BL

Aberdeen Sheriff Clerk AB10 1WP

Aberdeen Songsplash Productions Ltd, PO Box 10423 AB12 3ZE

Aberdeen Station Hotel AB11 6GN

Aberdeen St. Margarets School For Girls AB10 1RU

Aberdeen Stronachs AB10 1FW

Aberdeen Stu Bax, PO Box 18278 AB21 1AL

Aberdeen Talisman Sinopec Energy (UK) Ltd AB10 6BZ

Aberdeen The Douglas Hotel AB11 5EL

Aberdeen The Health Centre, PO Box 10512 AB12 9DE

Aberdeen The Robert Gordon University AB10 1FR, AB10 7QD, AB10 7QE, AB25 1HG

Aberdeen The Royal Bank of Scotland plc, PO Box 90 AB10 1DU

Aberdeen The Royal Bank of Scotland plc AB10 1BR, AB10 1HH

Aberdeen The Shore Porters Society AB11 5EW, AB11 5TJ

Aberdeen Thistle Aberdeen Caledonian AB10 1WE

Aberdeen Thomas Cook Ltd AB11 6NP

Aberdeen T Kilpatrick, PO Box 18091 AB23 9AU

Aberdeen Total E & P Access Cards, PO Box 10458 AB12 9AJ

Aberdeen Transport & General Workers Union AB24 5TJ

Aberdeen TSB plc AB10 1LX

Aberdeen TSB Scotland plc AB10 6LP

Aberdeen University of Aberdeen AB10 1YS, AB24 2TY, AB24 2TZ, AB24 3FX, AB24 3QY (..)

Aberdeen Victoria Street Medical Group AB10 1QW

Aberdeen Voluntary Services AB11 5YU

Aberdeen Wellvention Ltd, Unit , Westpark Drive, Blackburn AB21 0BU

Aberdeen Williamson & Dunn AB11 6YW

Aberdeen William Wilson Ltd, PO Box 10467 AB12 9AU

Aberdeen William Wilson Ltd, PO Box 225 AB12 3GS

Aberdeen Wilsone & Duffus, PO Box 81 AB10 1EP

Aberdeen Wm Morrison Supermarkets plc AB24 5DA

Aberdeen Woolwich plc AB11 6SL

Aberdeen Yangtse River Restaurant AB11 6BP

Aberdeen Yuill & Partners AB25 1UP

AberdeenPO Box 10429 AB10 6YH

AberdeenPO Box 10459 AB12 9AL

AberdeenPO Box 10470 AB12 9AY

AberdeenPO Box 10508 AB12 9EZ

AberdeenPO Box 10518 AB12 9DN

AberdeenPO Box 10520 AB12 9DQ

AberdeenPO Box 10521 AB12 9DR

AberdeenPO Box 10522 AB12 9DS

AberdeenPO Box 10523 AB12 9DT

AberdeenPO Box 10526 AB12 9DX

AberdeenPO Box 10528 AB12 9DZ

AberdeenPO Box 11741 AB15 6YU

AberdeenPO Box 12086 AB16 9AY

AberdeenPO Box 12096 AB16 9DA

AberdeenPO Box 12098 AB16 9DD

AberdeenPO Box 12113 AB16 9DX

AberdeenPO Box 12121 AB16 9BR

AberdeenPO Box 12123 AB16 9BT

AberdeenPO Box 18057 AB22 8PJ

AberdeenPO Box 18073 AB23 8PZ

AberdeenPO Box 18087 AB23 9AQ

AberdeenPO Box 18090 AB23 9AT

AberdeenPO Box 18272 AB21 1AD

AberdeenPO Box 18273 AB21 1AE

AberdeenPO Box 18437 AB25 1YR

AberdeenPO Box 18750 AB25 9AB

AberdeenPO Box 18755 AB25 9AH

AberdeenPO Box 18757 AB25 9AL

AberdeenPO Box 18760 AB25 9AQ

AberdeenPO Box 197 AB12 9AZ

AberdeenPO Box 248 AB25 1JE

AltensMakro Self Service Wholesalers Ltd AB12 3QW

AltensParcelforce Worldwide AB12 3TW

AltensRoyal Mail AB12 3SS, AB12 3TT

Altens Industrial EstateJohn Lewis plc AB12 3BX

Altens Industrial EstateTotal E & P UK Ltd AB12 3FG

Altens Industrial EstateWilliam Wilson AB12 3QA

BieldsideCamphill Rudolf Steiner Schools Ltd AB15 9EP

Bridge of DeeAsda Stores Ltd AB10 7QA

Bridge of DonAsda Stores Ltd AB22 8WQ

Bridge of DonB O C Ltd AB23 8BU

Bridge of DonD K Melvin, PO Box 18044 AB22 8PT

Bridge of DonNorscot Truck & Van Ltd AB23 8JZ

Bridge of DonP V S, PO Box 18050 AB22 8NX

Bridge of DonRoyal Mail AB23 8AA

Bridge of DonStation Staff Office AB23 8DB

Bridge of Don Industrial EstateA B B Vetco Gray (UK) Ltd AB23 8EY

Bridge of Don Industrial EstateBaker Hughes Ltd AB23 8BW

BucksburnGrampian Police AB21 9AS

BucksburnRowett Research Institute AB21 9SB

BucksburnScottish Agricultural College AB21 9YA

Cove BayThe Aberdeen & District Juvenile Football Associat…, PO Box 10248 AB12 3WR

Cove BayPO Box 10430 AB12 3YG

CraigiebucklerThe James Hutton Institute AB15 8QH

CultsCults Primary School AB15 9RG

DyceAberdeen Mariott Hotel AB21 7AZ

DyceAsda Stores Ltd AB21 7NG

DyceBaker Hughes Business Support Services, PO Box 18237 AB21 7YS

DyceBaker Hughes Business Support Services, PO Box 18238 AB21 7YT

DyceB M I AB21 7EU

DyceBP Exploration Operating Co Ltd AB21 7PB

DyceRegus AB21 0BT

DyceRoyal Mail AB21 7QQ

East Tullos Industrial EstateSchoolhill Hydraulic Engineering Co Ltd AB12 3RJ

KingswellsJ F K Property Management Ltd, PO Box 12054 AB15 8YT

MilltimberA W A, PO Box 11952 AB13 0WW

MilltimberCromwell Properties plc, PO Box 2700 AB13 0YF

MilltimberRudolph Steiner Schools Ltd AB13 0AN

MilltimberUpper Drum & Lower Durris Fishing, PO Box 11949 AB13 0WX

NiggAlexander Duncan (Aberdeen) Ltd, PO Box 24 AB12 3GF

NiggShell Exploration & Production Ltd AB12 3FY

PeterculterGoldplate House, PO Box 111 AB14 0WX

PeterculterPO Box 11967 AB32 9AN

PitfodelsThe Marcliffe At Pitfodels AB15 9YA

Pitmedden Industrial EstateSchlumberger Oil Field UK plc AB21 0UB

StoneywoodArjo Wiggins Fine Papers Ltd AB21 9AB

West Tullos Industrial EstateA J T Engineering Ltd AB12 3TB

West Tullos Industrial EstateEnterprise Engineering Services Ltd AB12 3TH

West Tullos Industrial EstateJohn Clark (Aberdeen) Ltd AB12 3EW

West Tullos Industrial EstateMuller Wiseman Dairies AB12 3XB

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