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The westernmost province of Canada, British Columbia (abbreviated BC), is positioned between the Pacific Ocean and the Rocky Mountains. It shares borders with the province of Alberta to the east, the territories of Yukon and the Northwest Territories to the north, the US states of Washington, Idaho, and Montana to the south, and the US state of Alaska to the northwest. It has a diverse geography, with rocky coastlines, sandy beaches, forests, lakes, mountains, inland deserts, and grassy plains. It will be the third-most populous province in Canada by 2022, with an estimated 5.3 million residents. Vancouver is British Columbia's largest city, and Victoria serves as the province's capital. British Columbia's ZIP codes fall between V0A and V9Z. The province is situated in North American country of Canada. Find the code and the region on the list of postal codes or ZIP codes in British Columbia for further information.

In British Columbia, Canada, the postal code system is used to organize and deliver mail efficiently throughout the province. Postal codes in British Columbia, similar to other regions in Canada, consist of six characters in an alphanumeric format.

The structure of a typical postal code in British Columbia is as follows: The first three characters are alphabetical and represent a specific geographic area or community. The last three characters are alphanumeric and provide a more precise designation for a particular location within that area. For example, a postal code in British Columbia could be V6G 2W1.

The first character of the postal code indicates a specific region or group of communities. For example, the Vancouver area typically uses postal codes starting with the letter "V." Other cities and regions in British Columbia have their own designated starting letters, such as "K" for Kelowna, "V8" for Victoria, and "T" for Terrace, among others.

The second character of the postal code narrows down the location within the region. It helps identify a particular neighborhood, district, or rural area within the broader region identified by the first character.

The specific combination of letters and numbers in the last three characters of the postal code provides a more precise designation for a specific location within the designated area. This combination helps further differentiate addresses within a neighborhood or region, allowing for accurate sorting and delivery of mail.

Postal codes are crucial for efficient mail delivery, as they enable postal workers and sorting facilities to quickly and accurately identify the intended destination of a piece of mail. They streamline the sorting process, ensuring that mail is directed to the correct geographic area and ultimately reaches its intended recipient.

It's important to note that not all areas or communities in British Columbia have their own unique postal codes. In rural or remote regions with lower population density or limited mail volume, it is common for multiple locations to share a common postal code. In such cases, additional information, such as a rural route number or a specific description of the location, may be necessary to ensure accurate delivery.

The postal code system in British Columbia, as in the rest of Canada, serves as a vital tool for efficient mail processing and delivery. It enables timely communication, facilitates e-commerce, and supports various logistical operations. By providing a systematic and organized approach to addressing, postal codes contribute to the smooth functioning of the postal service and overall connectivity within British Columbia.

British Columbia ZIP Code

Name : British Columbia (BC)

Postal : Code V0A – V9Z

Area Code : 236, 250, 604, 672, 778


Capital : Victoria, Capital Regional District (CRD)

Country : Canada

Continent : North America





British Columbia


V0R, V9Y

British Columbia



British Columbia


V0N – V9Z

British Columbia


V0K – V2J

British Columbia

Central Coast

V0N, V0T

British Columbia

Central Kootenay

V0B – V1N

British Columbia

Central Okanagan

V0H – V4V

British Columbia


V0A – V1E

British Columbia

Comox Valley

V0R – V9N

British Columbia

Cowichan Valley

V0R – V9L

British Columbia

East Kootenay

V0A – V1C

British Columbia

Fraser Valley

V0K – V4Z

British Columbia

Fraser-Fort George

V0E – V2N

British Columbia


V0C – V8G

British Columbia

Kootenay Boundary

V0G – V1R

British Columbia

Metro Vancouver

V0N – V7W

British Columbia

Mount Waddington

V0N – V0P

British Columbia


V0R – V9X

British Columbia

North Coast

V0T – V8J

British Columbia

North Okanagan

V0E – V1T

British Columbia

Northern Rockies

V0C – V0J

British Columbia


V0H – V2A

British Columbia

Peace River

V0C – V1J

British Columbia


V0N – V8A

British Columbia


V0K – V8E

British Columbia


V0C, V0W

British Columbia


V0P – V9W

British Columbia

Sunshine Coast


British Columbia


V0E – V2H

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