List of East London Postcodes Complete

Northeastern London, in the United Kingdom, is known as East London. East London evolved as London's docklands and the city's main industrial hub. It is situated east of the historic City of London and north of the River Thames as it starts to spread. The East End of London was pushed to move east by the development of the railways, and numerous new suburbs sprang up as a result. Today, redevelopment is taking place in the former industrial areas of East London, with certain areas—like Canary Wharf—being well along in the process. 

In the context of East London, United Kingdom, the postal code system is known as the "postcode." The postcode system in East London, like the rest of the UK, is crucial for efficient mail sorting and delivery within the area.

East London encompasses several boroughs, including Tower Hamlets, Newham, Hackney, Barking and Dagenham, and Waltham Forest. Each borough has its own set of postcodes to identify specific areas, streets, and neighborhoods within East London.

The postcodes in East London follow a structure consisting of letters and numbers. They typically begin with a letter or a combination of letters that represent the borough or a specific geographic area within East London. The following alphanumeric characters further narrow down the location, indicating specific streets, buildings, or districts.

For example, postcodes in East London can include the following formats:

  • E1 for areas in Tower Hamlets and parts of Hackney
  • E2 for areas in Bethnal Green, Shoreditch, and parts of Hackney
  • E3 for areas in Bow, Bromley-by-Bow, and parts of Tower Hamlets
  • E14 for areas in Canary Wharf, Poplar, and parts of Tower Hamlets
  • E15 for areas in Stratford and parts of Newham

Including the correct postcode on mail items is essential for accurate and efficient delivery within East London. It helps postal workers identify the destination area and deliver the mail to the correct address.

To find the correct postcode for a specific address in East London, individuals and businesses can consult official postcode directories provided by the Royal Mail or use online postcode lookup tools. These resources allow users to input an address or location and retrieve the corresponding postcode.

The postcode system in East London, UK, is integral to supporting effective communication, facilitating postal services, and enabling businesses to operate smoothly within the area. It ensures accurate and timely delivery of mail and parcels to residents, businesses, and institutions in East London's diverse neighborhoods and boroughs.

East London ZIP Code

"E" is the postcode area used in East London. 22 postcode districts, 108 postcode sectors, and one post town are present. N, EN, IG, and SE postcode areas are on either side of it.

East London Postal Code

Postcode Area

Postcode District

District and Area (whole or partial coverage)



Aldgate, Bishopsgate, Limehouse, Mile End, Portsoken, Shoreditch, Spitalfields, Shadwell, Stepney, Whitechapel


Eastern Head District


St. Katharine’s and Wapping, Stepney, Shadwell, Whitechapel


Wapping District


Bethnal Green, Cambridge Heath, Globe Town, Haggerston, Hoxton, Shoreditch


Bethnal Green District


Bow, Bow Common, Bromley-by-Bow, Old Ford, Mile End Park Leisure Centre and Stadium, Fish Island, Hackney Wick, South Bromley, Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park, Mill Meads


Bow District


Chingford, Chingford Hatch, Chingford Mount, Highams Park, West Essex Golf Club, Waltham Abbey, Sewardstone, Highams Park, Woodford Green


Chingford District


Leyton, Upper Clapton, Lower Clapton, Stoke Newington, Millfields Park, Hackney Marshes, North Millfields Recreation Ground


Clapton District


East Ham, Central Park, East Ham Jewish Cemetery, Beckton, Upton Park, Barking


East Ham District


Forest Gate, Manor Park Cemetery and Crematorium, Leytonstone, Wanstead park, Stratford


Forest Gate District


Hackney, Haggerston, Hackney Central, Dalston, London Fields, Stoke Newington, Blackstone Estate


Hackney District


Well Street Common, Wick Woodland, Homerton, Hackney Wick, South Hackney, Hackney Marshes, Victoria Park


Homerton District


Leyton Grange Estate, Leyton, Temple Mills, Hackney Marshes, Walthamstow Marshes


Leyton District


Bushwood, Leytonstone, Wanstead, Snaresbrook


Leytonstone District


Aldersbrook, Manor Park, Little Ilford, City of London Cemetery and Crematorium,


Manor Park District


Plaistow, West Ham, Upton Park, Upton, Greengate


Plaistow District


Blackwall, Poplar, Isle of Dogs, Leamouth, Aberfeldy Village, Limehouse, Canary Wharf, Millwall, Cubitt Town, South Bromley, North Greenwich


Poplar District


Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, Stratford, West Stratford City, West Ham, Maryland, Leyton, Leytonstone, Mill Meads


Stratford District


Canning Town, Beckton District Park South, Silvertown, Limo Peninsula, Royal Docks, North Woolwich, Beckton, London City Airport


Victoria Docks and North Woolwich District


Walthamstow, Upper Walthamstow, Leyton Grange Estate


Walthamstow District


Woodford, South Woodford


Woodford and South Woodford District


Bow, Olympic Park, Stratford, Homerton, Leyton,


Olympic Park District




Non-geographic postcode District


News International


Non-geographic postcode District