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South Africa's northernmost province is called Limpopo. The Limpopo River, which forms the province's western and northern borders, inspired the name of the region. Polokwane, the largest city in the province, serves as both its capital and home to the provincial legislature, which is located in Lebowakgomo. The 0500–0999 Postal Code (Zip Code) for Limpopo is used. South Africa (SA) is the country where the province is found. Complete lists of zip codes for Limpopo may be found below.

Limpopo is a province located in the northernmost part of South Africa. The postal code system is used in Limpopo, as well as throughout the country, to facilitate efficient mail sorting and delivery across the province.

Postal codes in Limpopo adhere to the standard format employed in South Africa, consisting of four numerical digits. These digits are used to designate specific geographic areas, suburbs, towns, or cities within the province. For instance, the postal code for Polokwane, the capital city of Limpopo, is often represented as "0700".

Each postal code in Limpopo corresponds to a particular locality or area, ensuring accurate sorting and delivery of mail. Postal codes can encompass a small area, such as a single suburb, or a larger region that includes multiple suburbs or towns.

The postal code system is extensively used for addressing purposes in Limpopo. It serves as a fundamental component of the postal service, guaranteeing that mail is directed to the correct location within the province. Whether it's letters, packages, or other mail items, including the accurate postal code is essential for prompt and precise delivery.

Limpopo is a province known for its diverse landscapes, including wildlife reserves, game parks, and cultural heritage sites. Each area within the province is assigned a unique postal code, facilitating efficient mail delivery. From the bustling city of Polokwane to smaller towns and rural communities, the postal code system ensures that mail reaches its intended recipients in a timely manner.

To find the correct postal code for a specific address in Limpopo, individuals and businesses can consult official postal code directories or use online postal code lookup tools provided by the South African Post Office. These resources assist in identifying the appropriate postal code for a given destination within the province.

The postal code system in Limpopo, as well as the rest of South Africa, plays a vital role in facilitating effective communication, supporting e-commerce activities, and ensuring the smooth functioning of postal services across the province. It connects communities, businesses, and individuals by ensuring that mail is accurately and efficiently delivered throughout Limpopo.

Limpopo ZIP Code

Province : Limpopo

Postal Code : 0500 – 0999

Area Code : 27

Country : South Africa

Region : Africa


Town / City

Street Code

PO Box Code










Modimolle / Nylstroom



Mookgophong / Naboomspruit






Limpopo, South Africa