List of Mpumalanga Postal Codes Complete

A province of South Africa is Mpumalanga. In the Swazi, Xhosa, Ndebele, and Zulu languages, the word translates to "East" or, more literally, "The Place Where the Sun Rises." Eastern South Africa's Mpumalanga province borders Eswatini and Mozambique. 6.5% of South Africa's land area is made up of it. It shares boundaries with the South African provinces of KwaZulu-Natal to the south, Limpopo to the north, Gauteng to the west, and the Free State to the southwest. The capital is called Mbombela. The range from 1000 to 2499 is known as the Mpumalanga Postal Code (Zip Code). South Africa (SA) is the country where the province is found. Complete zip code lists for Mpumalanga may be seen below.

Mpumalanga is a province located in the eastern part of South Africa, known for its stunning landscapes and natural beauty. As with the rest of the country, Mpumalanga employs a postal code system to facilitate efficient mail sorting and delivery throughout the province.

Postal codes in Mpumalanga follow the standard South African format, consisting of four numerical digits. These digits are used to identify specific geographic areas, suburbs, towns, or cities within the province. For example, the postal code for Nelspruit, the capital city of Mpumalanga, is often represented as "1200".

Each postal code in Mpumalanga corresponds to a particular locality or area, ensuring accurate sorting and delivery of mail. Postal codes can cover a small area, such as a single suburb, or a larger region comprising multiple suburbs or towns.

The postal code system is widely utilized for addressing purposes in Mpumalanga. It serves as an integral part of the postal service, ensuring that mail is directed to the correct location within the province. Including the correct postal code on mail items, such as letters, packages, or other correspondence, is crucial for timely and precise delivery.

Mpumalanga is a province renowned for its diverse landscapes, including the famous Kruger National Park, scenic mountain ranges, and beautiful waterfalls. Each area within the province is assigned a specific postal code, enabling efficient mail delivery. From cities like Nelspruit and Witbank to smaller towns and rural communities, the postal code system ensures that mail reaches its intended recipients across Mpumalanga.

To find the correct postal code for a specific address in Mpumalanga, individuals and businesses can consult official postal code directories or utilize online postal code lookup tools provided by the South African Post Office. These resources assist in identifying the appropriate postal code for a given destination within the province.

The postal code system in Mpumalanga, as well as the rest of South Africa, plays a crucial role in facilitating effective communication, supporting e-commerce activities, and ensuring the smooth operation of postal services across the province. It connects communities, supports businesses, and ensures accurate and efficient mail delivery throughout Mpumalanga.

Mpumalanga ZIP Code

Province : Mpumalanga

Postal Code : 1000 – 2499

Area Code : 27

Country : South Africa

Region : Africa


Town / City

Street Code

PO Box Code
















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