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Canada's federal territory is the Northwest Territories. roughly 1,144,000 km2 (442,000 sq mi) of land. The lone city in the territory and its capital are both called Yellowknife. Following the Carrothers Commission's recommendations, it was designated as the territorial capital in 1967. The Northwest Territories' ZIP codes are between X0E and X1A. The region is situated in North America's Canada. Find the code together with the region to learn more about the list of postal codes or ZIP codes in the Northwest Territories.

In the Northwest Territories, Canada, the postal code system is utilized to facilitate efficient mail sorting and delivery across the vast and sparsely populated region. Postal codes in the Northwest Territories, as in other Canadian regions, consist of six characters in an alphanumeric format.

The structure of a typical postal code in the Northwest Territories is as follows: The first three characters are alphabetical and represent a specific geographic area or community. The last three characters are alphanumeric and provide a more precise designation for a particular location within that area. For example, a postal code in the Northwest Territories could be X0E 0N0.

The first character of the postal code indicates a particular region or group of communities within the Northwest Territories. For instance, Yellowknife, the capital city, typically has postal codes starting with the letter "X." Other regions within the Northwest Territories have different initial letters assigned to them to differentiate their respective areas.

The second character of the postal code narrows down the location within the region, identifying a specific neighborhood, district, or remote area.

The specific combination of letters and numbers in the last three characters of the postal code provides a more precise designation for a specific location within the designated area. This combination helps differentiate addresses within a neighborhood or region, ensuring accurate sorting and delivery of mail.

Given the vastness and relatively low population density of the Northwest Territories, there may be regions or remote communities that share a common postal code due to limited mail volume or geographical constraints. In such cases, additional information such as a specific description of the location or a post office box number may be necessary to ensure accurate delivery.

The postal code system is crucial for the efficient functioning of mail services in the Northwest Territories. It allows postal workers and sorting facilities to quickly and accurately identify the intended destination of mail, streamlining the sorting process and ensuring timely delivery to the correct geographic area.

While the term "zip code" is often used colloquially to refer to postal codes, it's important to note that "postal code" is the official term used in Canada. The postal code system supports communication, e-commerce, and overall connectivity within the Northwest Territories, ensuring that individuals and businesses receive their mail in a timely and accurate manner, despite the unique challenges posed by the region's geography and population distribution.

Northwest Territories ZIP Code

Name : Northwest Territories (NT)

Postal Code : X0E, X0G, X1A

Area Code : 867


Capital : Yellowknife

Country : Canada

Continent : North America





Northwest Territories

Region 1


Northwest Territories

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Northwest Territories

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Northwest Territories

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X0E, X0G

Northwest Territories

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Region 6


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