List of West Central London Postcodes Complete

15 postcode districts and 46 postcode sectors make up the WC, or West Central London, postcode area. It encompasses portions of the London Boroughs of Camden, Islington, the City of Westminster, and the City of London. It contains 2,610 active postcodes and 7,424 total postcodes.

West Central London is a vibrant and diverse area that encompasses various boroughs and districts, including Westminster, Camden, and parts of Kensington and Chelsea. The postal code system, commonly referred to as the "postcode," is crucial for efficient mail sorting and delivery within West Central London.

Postcodes in West Central London follow a specific structure consisting of alphanumeric characters. They typically begin with one or two letters representing the geographic area or borough, followed by a numerical digit and two additional alphanumeric characters. These characters further refine the location, identifying specific streets, buildings, or districts within West Central London.

Some common postcodes in West Central London include:

  • WC1 for areas in Camden, including Bloomsbury and parts of Holborn
  • WC2 for areas in Westminster and parts of Covent Garden and Strand
  • W1 for areas in Westminster and parts of Marylebone, Mayfair, and Soho
  • SW1 for areas in Westminster, including Victoria and parts of Pimlico

Including the correct postcode on mail items is crucial for accurate and efficient delivery within West Central London. It enables postal workers to identify the destination area and deliver mail to the correct address.

To find the correct postcode for a specific address in West Central London, individuals and businesses can consult official postcode directories provided by the Royal Mail or use online postcode lookup tools. These resources allow users to input an address or location and retrieve the corresponding postcode.

The postcode system in West Central London supports effective communication, facilitates postal services, and enables businesses to operate smoothly within the area. It ensures that mail and parcels are delivered promptly and accurately to residents, businesses, and institutions in West Central London's diverse neighborhoods and districts.

The West Central London postcode system, as part of the broader postal infrastructure, enhances connectivity, promotes efficient mail delivery, and contributes to the overall functioning of the postal network in the area.

West Central London ZIP Code

West Central London

Postcode Area

Postcode District

District and Area (whole or partial coverage)



New Oxford Street


Bloomsbury Square Garden, British Museum, Russell Square


SOAS University of London, University of London, University College London


St Pancras, Russell Square, Gordon Square


Russell Square, Great Ormond Street


Red Lion Square Gardens, Gray’s Inn Square and South Square Gardens


Chancery Lane, Holborn, High Holborn


Pentonville, Kings Cross, Finsbury, Clerkenwell


Lincoln’s Inn Fields, Sir John Soane’s Museum, Royal Courts of Justice, Chancery Lane


Holborn, Lincoln’s Inn Fields


Covent Garden, Royal Opera House


Covent Garden, Leicester Square, The National Gallery


Charing Cross, Embankment


Charing Cross, Somerset House, Temple, Two Temple Place